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Christmas Gifts for her

The holiday season is just around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about finding the perfect Christmas gifts for our loved ones. The act of gift-giving is a wonderful way to show appreciation and love towards family and friends, but it can also be a daunting task, especially if you don’t know where to start. With so many options out there, finding the right gift that is both thoughtful and meaningful can be challenging. That’s why we’ve put together this Christmas gift guide to help make your holiday shopping experience a little bit easier. Whether you’re looking for Christmas gifts for him or her, Christmas gifts for kids or friends, we’ve got you covered. From trendy gadgets and personalized gifts to sustainable and budget-friendly options, there’s something for everyone on your list. So sit back, relax, and let’s take a look at some of the best gift ideas for the upcoming holiday season!

Christmas Gifts They’ll Really Love!

AD – This post was made possible by the below-mentioned brands. I wish them all a wonderful holiday season and all the best in 2021!

Christmas is upon us, and I’m sharing with you some incredible shops and gift ideas for you to explore. Click the name of the shop to visit it!

CoconutQuartz Naturally Inspired, Powerful + Beautiful, Rocks, Crystals & Jewelry meant to Uplift + Inspire. Coconut Quartz was born out of a love for expression – a means to express your individuality. Each item is handmade with love, and positive intention & Reiki imbued and white sage cleansed in Niagara on the Lake, Canada. This makes for wonderful budget-friendly Christmas gifts.

BristleandBirch is an amazing small shop that creates wooden signs! All of the handcrafted wooden signs at Bristle and Birch are designed and made in their home in Barrie, Ontario.  They offer several sign options designed for all areas of your home and signs to display during the holidays. Signs can be customized by adding your family name and choosing from a selection of colors to match your home decor. They strive to make signs that make your house feel like a home. You can follow them on Instagram @bristle.and.birch . There are plenty of Christmas gifts for him and Christmas gifts for her.

JustAlexCrafts is a wonderful little shop that creates amazing little crafts. JustAlexCrafts is a small boutique that offers embroidery canvas, handmade soaps and hand-drawn wish cards! Everything is made locally with care and love. The boutique offers a variety of soaps for everyone to enjoy! Follow JustAlexCrafts on Instagram.



It’s all about nature scenes captured in a miniature world of your jewelry. That helps to keep all positive vibes of nature close to your skin, to be reminded that Nature is all about stillness and harmony; breathe and enjoy every second. In this pendant, the mountain is the symbol of strength; at the same time, the flying birds represent our limitless soul and intelligence.

VirginRiverNaturals is a unique and wonderful shop. They were inspired to make a natural product line after many travels through the western United States. They fell in love with the idea of river waters carving canyons deep into the seemingly immovable earth. One of these rivers, the Virgin River, has carved out the landscape of southern Utah for millions of years, bringing shapes and colors to life. They wanted to share their glimpse of the unreal and incredibly spectacular red rock scenery created by the Virgin River. Simple, natural and beautiful. You can shop on Etsy over here

BouclesetBonbons creates the most perfect boxes for many occasions! The Mom boxThe perfect box to congratulate or spoil a Mama you love!
– Custom Tumbler  (12oz) : choice of Rose gold, peach, white or matte black ( you can choose the design as is (MOM) or we will send you a picture of your custom design for approval) – 106ml Candle from Marée Chandelles (choice of Pear-Papaya or Orange Hibiscus) – Handmade vegan bar of soap for body and face, 100g from La Marcotterie (Scent: Meditation; Lavender, Eucalyptus, Cedarwood, Charcoal) – Handmade natural vegan bath bomb from La Marcotterie (Scent: Summer Solstice; Lime, Lemon, Bergamot, Pink Grapefruit) – Assorted Squish candy- Personalized handwritten card
The Teacher boxThe perfect gift for a teacher or educator! 
CONTENT: – 1X It takes a big heart to help shape little minds coffee mug (or custom message available)- Handmade vegan bar of soap for face and body, 100g from La Marcotterie (Scent: Boudoir (Geranium, Lavender, Bergamot))- Handmade vegan bath bomb from La Marcotterie (Scent: Summer Solstice (Lime, Lemon, Bergamot and Grapefruit)- Assorted candy- Personalized handwritten card

ZohrehKHJewelry is an independent jewelry designer for more than 10 years, currently based in Montreal. She works with different materials, such as silver, wood, resin, stones and powder coating.
Her designs are influenced by eastern culture (where she is from), nature, contemporary art and life experiences. All of the pieces are original and handmade. Each piece has its own delicate design and detail and its own character, suitable for casual and formal use.

InsenseUSA In uncertain times, determined people grow and thrive. From the joy and inspiration of helping our community and each other combined with the need to survive through a pandemic, the first seed of InSense was planted to grow and nurture with love and kindness, offering you the best quality hand made products.

Their promise is to handcraft and make products tailored to your needs with nature and planet earth in mind by using natural ingredients, recycled products, and minimizing waste.

MannaSkin features amazing skincare products! Manna Skin Care Labs is located in Toronto, Ontario and is operated by Laurie Manna who makes luxurious plant based skin care products from soaps and perfumes to moisturizers, lotions and Spa Self Care Boxes.  Manna Skin Care Labs sells products that are not only healthy for your skin but they improve your overall sense of mental and emotional well being through the use of essential oils and other ingredients and processes used to create these delicious products.
You can get more info about Manna Skin Care Labs on instagram  @mannaskinlabs or on the website at   Manna Skin Labs also has an etsy shop which you can find under the same name.   If you’re looking to do some Christmas shopping for those special people in your life or if you want to treat yourself to some divine skincare, look no further. These products make beautiful gifts for her.

TumbleonDesigns is run by Trisha. Her partner (in life and business) is Nicholas and together we raise 2 kids and run 2 businesses in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. After starting their family, they decided that she would work from home and Tumble On Designs was born. We create laser engraved signs, decor, gifts and more with endless possibilities for customization and creativity. Her family means the world to her! She is so privileged to be able to work from home with her littles beside her. Trisha hopes everyone who orders from them can feel the love from their happy, crazy, chaotic and beautiful home.

MustardSeedPromises is a candle company based on Long Island, NY, specializing in handmade and homemade soy wax candles! Maryse is a busy (and sometimes overwhelmed) wife of an amazing husband and two toddler boys! After losing her job back in December of 2017, she found myself at home with her beautiful (and energetic) eight-month old son, and the demands of motherhood and wifehood began to take a toll on her mental wellbeing. Maryse started to lose her confidence and the small faith she had worked so hard to build up to that point.  She began making candles as a way to help her cope with her anxiety.

OrdinaryDutchStudio Anneke Struis, the founder of Ordinary Dutch, left her career in Architectural Design after becoming a parent of a child with special needs. Shifting her focus, she realized the importance of bringing beauty and tranquility into her home. From candle holders to Christmas stockings, Anneke re-purposes and re-designs previously loved materials, turning them into sustainable products and gifts that reflect an elegant yet simple Scandinavian style. Her goal – to infuse every handmade piece with “Gezelligheid”, a Dutch word that reflects feeling happy, comfy, and cozy. Use code: THOUGHTSWITHN to save 10%!

PaintedDoorByHolly Holly is the owner/artist at The Painted Door Restorations.  She is so blessed to be able to do what she loves every single day – create beautiful things! Her passion is creating beautiful, unique, and finely hand made home decor items, crochet items, and painted furniture.  Holly prides herself on the quality of the items that she produces and a little bit of her heart goes into each piece that she makes.  She also loves ensuring that each experience you have with her and hg=er shop is a positive, memorable one.  Holly is a firm believer in small details making a big difference. Whether you are looking for hand painted canvases, painted stones, coasters, baby blankets, texting gloves, spa sets, furniture, or anything in between, she encourages you to take a look around my shop – she is sure you’ll find something you fall in love with.   

Facebook: The Painted Door Restorations  Etsy: PaintedDoorByHolly Instagram: @thepainteddoorrestorations  

HHNaturalProducts is an amazing shop! In 2018, the shop owner Lindsay just about lost her life to a very rare and aggressive cancer, so she went on a mission to create products for her family that weren’t harmful. H&H Natural Products focuses on lowering the harsh chemicals, toxins and carcinogens being brought into your home and absorbed by your skin. They specialize in all natural bath, shower and home products. Having and creating products that are as natural as possible is her number one priority, along with products for everyone. If you have any questions, please contact us directly.

Soul2SoulCA The shop owner has had her fair share of struggles through life and continues to have.  She is pretty confident to say that all of you have as well.  She has gone down many different paths to find relief but didn’t until she learned to look within herself.  Most importantly,  mantra meditation and surrounding myself with people that bring her comfort and strength is what keeps her going.  Therefore, she started Soul2SoulCA where I use high quality Semiprecious stones to handcraft Malas, Bracelets and dog collars. These gemstones embody healing properties depending on what you, your loved one or your pet may need at this point in life. She considers handcrafting my work a form of therapy to help herself and hopefully others. She can’t take away everyone’s pain.  However, she sure can add a bit of hope to your journey.

MadeByWalter is owned by Walter. He is an engineer and a commercial pilot. His mission is to show you that with a simple thought, you can change everything. You can change your health, you can change your life, and it all starts with the mind. Our minds are so powerful, you can bring whatever you think into your life. Think of it as your life with an infinite number of possibilities, each possibility with its own path, but that each path intersects with every other path making it possible to jump from one path to another instantly. This is exactly how our brains work; you can change the way you think, therefore changing your life.

Each and every one of his handmade bracelets are a simple and subtle reminder to take a step back, and focus on yourself; what are you thinking, what path are you leading yourself? Each bracelet has their own specific healing property and powers to help you through your journey of peace, joy, and love through the healing of the mind, body, and soul.

HomespunResolve is where Dakota’s creative spirit is manifested. The heart behind this business is the pursuit of wholeness, well being, all natural self-care, feeling beautiful and making others feel beautiful and love themselves. She has different collections that are seasonal but also seasonal in the aspect of the different seasons in life that we all experience at some point or other. Dakota loves to share her heart and soul with people and her products with Homespun Resolve are an amazing avenue for that. She chose the name Homespun Resolve because everything is handcrafted and homemade with the highest quality in mind. And one of her favorite quotes reads “Resolve steadies our gaze and wills us each to reach for the sun”. You are Fearfully and Wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14), so the products you use should be to. 

There are so many amazing small shops to check out this holiday season, but these are definitely a MUST SEE!!

Stay tuned for more gift guides!!

Love Always, Enn


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  1. Sarah Mark

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    So many good small businesses here! I love natural soaps, so I might look into some of these if they ship to Italy too. 🙂

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