The holidays come only once a year, and each year brings a larger amount of sparkle and shine.

It feels like every year that goes by it becomes bigger and bigger and more `stuff` finds it`s way into my house. I sometimes tend to become somewhat of a Grinch actually, but not because I don`t enjoy the season. But because I can`t stand the push every year for bigger and more.

I really am of the opinion that less is more, but of course I don`t want my kids to miss out, or be left out. If I was on my own, it would really be like any other day.

I am not religious, but I can respect that there are religious pieces to this day. I`ve even contemplated going to a service, just to bring meaning to the day, and to educate my kids as to what it is actually about. But being a non-church go-er, it is intimidating to think of going.

I have some incredible memories from my childhood, and I am so thankful for that. My parents worked hard every year to create what I remember to be like a winter wonderland.

And, I don`t mean that there were plenty of presents. I`m sure there were a few. But, my holiday seasons were filled with sparkle and shine from peoples laughter and joy. I had the greatest gift. I had family.

There are some things that I still love about the holiday season, even as a grown adult, and I imagine this will never change.

I love going to my moms on Christmas Day.

It reminds me of being a child again. My mom is what makes Christmas so magical. I love seeing her on Christmas morning.

I love taking walks in the evening and looking at the Christmas lights.

Being in a small town, we tend to see the same houses all the time, but it`s still so exciting every year. Our town also decorates, which makes it feel cosy and homey!

I love Christmas movies.

I also really love stockings. I don`t know why though. We only ever got chocolate in our stockings really, but I`ve always really loved them.

Snow. I really love snow.

If it must be cold, then bring on the snow. I think it`s so fun, and such a great time to explore imaginative play!

I feel hot chocolate tastes better this time of year, right?

Maybe that`s just me?

I also love the special drinks that come out this time of year like candy cane hot chocolate! YUM

I love Christmas-themed episodes in shows, and fuzzy socks.

I really love how it feels that life just slows down a bit. Even if it is only for a few days. We deserve that. It`s like we take those days, and we don`t feel guilty (which of course we shouldn`t), but that Christmas is what takes away the guilt for us.

People seem to make the most of their time at Christmas. Time is special and precious. Spending time with people is the most precious gift of all.

This Christmas remember to care for yourself, your mind, and your body. Listen to what it is saying.

What is something you LOVE about the holiday season?

Love Always, N


7 thoughts on “My Favourite Things About The Holidays

  1. There are so many reasons to love the holiday season. I love the magic of it all, how suddenly everything seems fun again and I get that childlike feeling. Christmas is my favorite time of year and I love sharing it with my son and family. Though winter itself can be a bit long and dreary, especially when it’s getting ridiculously cold, Christmas makes it bearable.

  2. My favorite thing about Christmas are all the family friendly things my city had to offer – our Zoo (world famous) and our Brewery (also world famous lol) have special lights throughout the Christmas season- and the Arch has an ice skating rink under it!

  3. I LOVE all of the family friendly activities in our city – our Zoo, Brewery, and the Arch all have special Christmas themed events throughout the season!

  4. Love this post hun!!! I loce being cwtched up in front of the fire with a blanket and christmas films on.. Hot choc deffo tastes better this time of year!!!!! Xx

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