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Clay art has been practiced for many years.

Going back as far as 400 BC, people have been exploring clay and pottery for a very long time!

FaeGartenClay is the most beautiful little shop!

Brenda Schnell is the shop owner. She creates incredible clay pieces.

How she ended up retired and playing in mud:

She has always loved drawing, arts and crafts, anything like that as far back as she can remember. Brenda’s first introduction to clay was in high school art and she knew she’d found a medium she loved!

There was no opportunity to explore it further until Brenda became a mom at home with her daughter and joined a pottery club. While she enjoyed the wheel work, Brenda loved the freedom and creativity available with hand building. Once a week at the club was just not enough to satisfy her creative urges, so Brenda started doing dough art at home.

She began selling the dough art pieces at the farmer’s market and that expanded to bigger and better craft sales until it was a full-time job selling retail and wholesale.

Brenda creates amazing clay pieces! I love every one of them!

Some of my favorites are:

Check out her little shop and help support a small biz!

Love Always, N

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