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Why You Need To Clean Up Your Bedroom

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At the end of the day, there isn’t anything better than cozying up in a beautiful bedroom!

Check out this beautiful bedroom!

Life often leaves us so busy though, we don’t always have time to make our room a priority. Laundry may get thrown on our floors, or maybe dishes from a night snack piling up on our headboards, and before you know it, it’s a big cluster of mess.

There are so many benefits to having a clean and tidy room though!

You wake up with a clearer mind, and possibly even sleep better. You become more productive, and possibly even feel happier. Having a nice clean room is awesome! But, with a busy life, and maybe kids and a career, how do you do it?

Have functional furniture.

Now, I am not suggesting to go buy new furniture right now, but whenever you are doing that, ensure they are functional. Beds with drawers often eliminate the need for a dresser, leaving more floor space. Fancy pieces of furniture are awesome, just make sure all of your pieces have a purpose that you are satisfied with. Wall beds are great options for this.

Don’t overload with color.

Keep the colors to 2-3 different ones. This will create a nice calm, but beautiful space. Have 1-2 main colors and one accent. These quilts are beautiful and neutral tones that would be a great addition to a master bedroom!

Don't forget a pillow!

Make sure your blankets are good for whatever season you are in. This will ensure comfort.

Put your laundry in a hamper.

And keep it in a closet. Dirty clothes make rooms look cluttered. Put the basket away.

Add nice drapes.

Drapes are a beautiful way to add a color to the room.

Spend some time organizing and cleaning up your closet. This is a perfect time to DE-CLUTTER!

Adding a piece of art that compliments your color theme is a beautiful way to make it a calm space.

Try to find time to create a beautiful bedroom for yourself!

Do you keep your room tidy? What is your biggest obstacle with it?

Love Always, N

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