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At the end of the day, there isn’t anything better than cozying up in a beautiful bedroom!

Check out this beautiful bedroom!

Life often leaves us so busy though, we don’t always have time to make our room a priority. Laundry may get thrown on our floors, or maybe dishes from a night snack piling up on our headboards, and before you know it, it’s a big cluster of mess.

There are so many benefits to having a clean and tidy room though!

You wake up with a clearer mind, and possibly even sleep better. You become more productive, and possibly even feel happier. Having a nice clean room is awesome! But, with a busy life, and maybe kids and a career, how do you do it?

Have functional furniture.

Now, I am not suggesting to go buy new furniture right now, but whenever you are doing that, ensure they are functional. Beds with drawers often eliminate the need for a dresser, leaving more floor space. Fancy pieces of furniture are awesome, just make sure all of your pieces have a purpose that you are satisfied with. Wall beds are great options for this.

Don’t overload with color.

Keep the colors to 2-3 different ones. This will create a nice calm, but beautiful space. Have 1-2 main colors and one accent. These quilts are beautiful and neutral tones that would be a great addition to a master bedroom!

Don't forget a pillow!

Make sure your blankets are good for whatever season you are in. This will ensure comfort.

Put your laundry in a hamper.

And keep it in a closet. Dirty clothes make rooms look cluttered. Put the basket away.

Add nice drapes.

Drapes are a beautiful way to add a color to the room.

Spend some time organizing and cleaning up your closet. This is a perfect time to DE-CLUTTER!

Adding a piece of art that compliments your color theme is a beautiful way to make it a calm space.

Try to find time to create a beautiful bedroom for yourself!

Do you keep your room tidy? What is your biggest obstacle with it?

Love Always, N

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32 thoughts on “Why You Need To Clean Up Your Bedroom

  1. The pictures and colours in your pictures really do give off a calming effect. I have a dreaded chair where I take of my clothes and put on the chair. It defo does take down the room. I need to try and break this habit for sure. Thanks for the push to pay more attention to my room! Helen

  2. I’m currently redecorating and having a clear out and move around for this very reason; to keep a calm and collected home. The bedroom is your place of rest. It is meant to be a tranquil environment, especially during this self isolation period due to COVID19 – We need our home to be a place of happiness and comfort!

    Lovely post! – Fellow blogger here. Stay wonderful!

  3. I try to always make my bed because it really does help clear my head in the morning. You don’t want a messy bed or messy thoughts.

  4. I totally agree! I feel so much calmer when my bed is made and my room is organized. Would love to get some nice drapes and pick more soothing colours when we move house next month!

  5. I agree, keeping things neat but also looking pleasant is incredibly important for emotional well-being, especially right now as we spend our time indoors!

  6. I agree that having a clean room helps you a lot. I just can’t seem to take the time to clean it fully. Sometimes I’ll get motivated and start but then I get overwhelmed and stop.

  7. I always keep my laundry basket hidden away in my wardrobe so noone can see it, as it doesn’t look nice on show at all! I also love my long thick grey curtains, they make the room so much cosier at night 🙂 x

    1. I have dark chocolate brown curtains and I totally agree about the cosy feeling! Thanks for reading and commenting ?

  8. I completely agree – I always make my bed and people think I”m crazy for doing it but there’s something about climbing into a made bed that’s comforting. And into a clean room!

  9. For the last few months I’ve been making my bed as soon as I get up and I can’t explain how or why it makes such a difference. Really, I feel better having done something already in the first couple minutes of my day and it makes my room look cleaner even though all I did was make my bed. Highly suggest starting small with something like this.

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