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I really love clothing. For some reason I have collected a lot of clothing over the years.

Though I don`t wear it all, I have troubles letting them go. You really never know when you will need that specific piece, right?!

I`ve taken a love to dresses, and guess what… that is something I don`t have a lot of!

Here are some that I am considering to add to my closet!

Did you know that in 2018, the average Canadian spent $3,430 on clothing and accessories.

This was shocking to me at first, as I was looking through dresses and adding them to my cart. Even small purchases add up though. I can easily understand this dollar amount.

I am very focused on purchasing items that I can wear to multiple events, and even in various ways. Items that can be accessorised to have a different effect/look as well.

`A new study by ClosetMaid, the average American woman has 103 items of clothing in her wardrobe. But she considers 21% to be “unwearable”, 33% too tight and 24% too loose, according to a survey of 1,000 women. A further 12% of the wardrobe is occupied by new, unworn clothing, leaving just 10% available. And 10% – well, that’s not really an outfit, is it?10% say they feel depressed when they open their closet and 47 per cent admit they struggle to pick out an outfit before heading out to work.`

Raise your hand if you can relate to this!

So I am determined to pick only 2 dresses to buy. Which 2 should I get?

What are your thoughts on clothing? Do you have a lot?

Love Always, N


7 thoughts on “Clothing and Costs

  1. I love clothes too. Since I am doing the wardrobe challenge this month it has been an eye opener to wear my clothes that I have purchased.

  2. Wow! I love that 50s style dress!
    I lucked out in that my sister owns a clothing store and my mother loves to shop, especially since I absolutely despise shopping. I rarely buy clothes at all, and when I do it’s just the basics.

  3. I’m always after simple, classic black dresses for work and always end up buying 18374 and wearing the same 4 hahah

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