Another Holiday season has come and I`m bringing you the best small businesses for clothing and jewelery that you need to shop at this year!

Céline & SéLaines makes beautiful crochet accessories such as hats, neckwarmers and scarves, but also slippers and many other things! To see all the products offered, visit her Facebook page or Etsy Shop.

Boho Crochet By Kate is another gorgeous shop to check out. In her spare time she loves to garden, cook ,do yoga and study energy healing. She is incredible and so very talented!

Yarnitgirl is a shop with crochet and knit items that are customizable.

Birch Street Studio is a collection of laser cut and hand painted wooden jewelry that you’ll want to wear everyday. Made in beautiful British Columbia, these original designs reflect our west coast landscapes and wildlife, as well as our personal love of geometric lines and pops of colour. 

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Thavin & Marcob is an incredible boutique that you must go see.

`Our Gleaming Emerald Green Long Sleeve mid-length dress with a knot detail is the perfect dress to accompany you on your next date night or holiday party.

Stun and wow crowds in this gorgeous velvety soft, cozy warm dress that gives you just the right amount of stretch, so you feel outstandingly sexy, but also sneakily comfortable.`
Made up of 92% Polyester 8% Spandex Go shop over here.

Restless Raven Designs is an Etsy shop that specialises in handmade gemstone jewelery and spiritual giftware. Making is the shop owners` passion. Her favourite creations include natural items like feathers, crystals or moss, paired with unexpected mediums to create things that have a spiritual element to them. You can follow her on Twitter – RestlessRaven and on Instagram – RestlessRaven.

Morse Code is a method of sending messages over great distances using signals of light or sound. Each letter of the alphabet is represented by a series of dots & dashes. MorseCodeGirl Jewellery uses sterling silver or 14K gold filled dots & dashes to spell a secret word in Morse Code. The meaning is your little secret. Chances are, no one will be able to guess what the message is, but you’ll know.

Words carry energy and have history constructed over time. Look into a word and you will find a world of possibility. Applied to an intention, words are like magic formulas, sounds that bring meaning and mindfulness to life’s daily decisions and habits.


An intention is a guiding principle for how you want to be, live, and show up in the world. MorseCodeGirl Jewelry is a physical manifestation of your intention, and putting on your jewelry represents your commitment to yourself. Run your finger tips across the dots and dashes to ground yourself and reconnect with what matters most.

Himalayan Fashion and Handicraft is a wholesale company that imports from Nepal and Thailand. Designing new clothing items every season, we aspire to sell comfortable, stylish and great quality goods. From clothing, jewelry and accessories, we sell a variation of handmade pieces! If any one is interested in doing wholesale, please contact as well!

Am Not Boutique is a shop filled with unique and sustainable accessories made just for you!

Brand: At AmNot we’re passionate about offering unique & exclusive fashion with value in mind. All products are 100% manufactured in Montreal from eco-friendly fabrics as well as scrapped fabric and pre-loved pieces, reusing 99% of the material sourced. 

Leather key chain: Made from real recycled leather, the handmade leather keychain will be your favorite everyday accessory! Carry your keys everywhere with this durable leather keychain.

Scrunchies: Cutest scrunchies in a set of 2! Made of recycled fleece and recycled denim. As part of our “zero waste” program, the scrunchies are made of new and recycled materials that would have been discarded otherwise.

Laptop case: The handmade laptop sleeves are made of felt and real recycled leather. I have chosen the felt and leather of high quality, which will protect your laptops well. 

`Cascade’s Threads is my way to explore the beauty of creating unique bracelets and share them with others. I love trying different materials and techniques, making sure to offer only high quality, beautiful and inspiring pieces.`

MadisonJewleryCo. is an incredible gem of a shop, and a MUST-SEE. Filled with gorgeous pieces, there is something for everyone.

Please also stop by here and see this gorgeous ring and this one here as well.

There you have it friends! My favourite shops that you really need to check out when you are doing your Christmas shopping!

Do you have a GO-TO store that you always shop at for Christmas?

Love Always, N

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