AD – I received a beautiful cosmetic bag in exchange for a blog post. But, I’d never promote something I didn’t believe in. These cosmetic bags are BEAUTIFUL!

It’s only 39 days until our wedding day!

It seems as if just yesterday it was 60! Time is FLYING by! Today I’m sharing with you an incredible small shop I stumbled upon when planning my wedding!

Highpointe Creations is a shop that specializes in gifts, decorations, and accessories.

______________________________________________________________________________1. Please introduce yourself! Tell me about you and your small biz!

I am Veronika, 31 years old, a mommy of three and wife of a lovely and supportive husband. We moved to Canada from Germany in 2018.

2. Where does the name of your shop come from? What does it mean to you?

It was very hard for me to choose a name. I wanted it to express quality and don’t wanted it to point into one direction like kids items or fabrics. Then also you need to go and research that this name is still available and people remember it. So one day I drove be a sign close to my neighborhood. There was a new development. I really liked a part of that name, changed it a bit and there it was “Highpointe Creations”. 🙂

3. How long have you had your small biz?

I packed that into number answer number one already ??

4. How did you get started? Have you been doing it long?

 I started selling personalized signs, bags and sashes in summer 2019. (That’s when I stopped the kids items) It was all available in German and English. The Items in German and the signs are gone now but I added the Robes and pillow covers now.I Ordered all the supplies and machines I needed to add names and sayings because I saw that people like personalized items.

5. Share with us your links! Where can we find you?

Facebook for all the example pictures:

6. What is the best part of being a small business owner?

The very best part is the close contact with the customers. I LOVE how sweet my customers are and how creative. The feedback I get is absolutely fulfilling!

7. What’s the last movie you watched?

 Its a long time since I watched a movie. I don’t even remember. Movies I like are either funny or filled with drama and love. Hahahaha

8. What are you reading?

I am reading the bible here and there.

Thank you Veronika for being a part of this! Please go look at her shop and Facebook! Her stuff is AMAZING!

Love Always, Enn

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