No-strings dating can be appealing for many adults, and there may be many reasons why.

First, what is no-strings dating?

No-strings dating is, to have a physical connection, without any emotional side to it. There are no obligations or emotional duties that a `partner` would typically have. It is a strictly physical/sexual relationship.

I`ve previously explored the benefits of being in a relationship, and while there are many, there are also many benefits of being involved in the art of no-strings dating as well.

I call it an art because it takes skill, but with the right mindset, it can be a positive and mutually beneficial experience.

Why no-strings dating might be right for you?

  • If you are someone who is focused on your personal/career goals, then you might find that you don`t have the emotional space for a significant other, and with no-strings dating, that doesn`t have to be a bad thing. However, being unavailable to emotional attachments is not an indicator of not having physical desires. No-strings dating means you can indulge in your physical and sexual desires, whilst still remaining emotionally unavailable to a partner.
  • Another scenario you might find yourself in is recently getting out of a marriage/relationship and being new to the dating world. Dipping your toes into no-strings dating or cougar dating is an excellent way of learning yourself again, while still allowing yourself the emotional space you may need.
  • Being emotionally unavailable is sometimes seen as `bad` or `selfish`, but there are so many benefits to it. This sort of lifestyle allows you to put that energy, time, and commitment that you aren`t giving a partner, and give it to YOURSELF instead!
  • No-strings dating, or exploring cougar dating, gives you the sexual satisfaction of intimacy, but still allows you the time and space for YOU. Depending on what point you are at in your life, this may be an incredibly beneficial point.

It is a time to explore. Being completely uncommitted you are solely in it for the physical and sexual nature of the relationship.

It is an opportunity to experiment, and experience anything you`ve been curious about before.

Being in a space of exploring the physical components to a relationship without the emotional obligations can be a very beneficial experience for you.

A few tips to keep in mind when embarking on a no-strings journey:

  • Forget about the other person`s past. Don`t ask about their partners or their experiences. The point of the no-strings is to keep the emotions out of it.
  • Be sure to not start a no-strings journey with a friend. Having a friendship with someone is already an indication or emotional obligations and duties, and neither of those belong in a no-strings relationship.
  • Make sure that you`re in a position mentally that you can be in a physical relationship without losing your emotions, or having any emotional repercussions.
  • Use protection! You must still look after your physical, and mental health, and using protection is a must in this regard.
  • Make sure you are both on the same page in terms of physical and sexual boundaries. Be honest with pleasures/pains, and desires. Don`t do, or allow something that you aren`t comfortable with, or enjoying.

Let`s rewind a bit, and go back to cougar dating now.

Cougar dating is when an older woman has a sexual relationship with a younger man. Women older than 35 are typically referred to as cougars. Cougar dating will often bring intelligent and meaningful conversations, along with a level of sexual confidence that only experience can bring.

No-strings dating, and cougar dating, can be a time that you explore and learn so much about yourself and your desires. It can be a time to focus on yourself and your personal goals while still maintaining a healthy sexual life.

Finding a partner to explore a no-strings dating relationship, or a cougar dating relationship may be of some level of difficulty for you, this is why there are fantastic websites out there specifically for this.

Exploring in a sexual way, and learning what your desires are, and even indulging in some, is not a bad thing whatsoever. By being, and taking control of your wants and needs, you may experience a feeling of complete control and empowerment and that can do AMAZING things for your self-confidence.

Being honest with yourself, and the other person is crucial, and ensuring you are using protection when needed, and doing only what you are comfortable with is so important. Explore at your own rate/pace, and enjoy the adrenaline that comes with it.

Do you have any tips you could add to exploring no-strings dating?

Love Always, N

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10 thoughts on “The Art of No-Strings Dating

  1. Sometimes I’m thinking about no-strings dating but I think I can’t do it. I develop feelings for someone pretty quick and this might cause problems I guess. However, the freedom of this type of dating looks like it’s so nice!

  2. Such an interesting read! Never really had a ‘friends with benefits’ style relationships as I think I’d struggle!

  3. This is a great post. I don’t see anything wrong with no strings dating, as long as both parties are aware. I’ve done it before. I really like the information that you provided in this post. There is still a stigma about having relationships like this and there shouldn’t be anything wrong with no strings dating for both men and women.

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