10 Things About Curly Hair You Need To Know

Many people think that curly hair is easy.

They think it’s just curly, every day, and voila! We look like superstars. But, the work with curly hair is all behind the scenes. It’s what happens when the curls are being washed, dried, styled, and even slept on that creates those gorgeous easy-looking curls.

Curls look easy, simple, and effortless.

But the truth for many is actually quite the opposite. Curls for many, require work and patience. Curls are a lot of trial and error, learning products that are best for your hair and hair texture. Patience is a MUST.

I haven’t had curly hair my whole life. Just since about age 16. While I’ve embraced it at times, the majority of the time I was trying to straighten them. I can’t even really explain why, besides that it seemed like my messy, all over curls were simply not acceptable. I’m now 30 and beginning to accept me, and my body, including my hair. I’ve started to spend time taking care of my curls rather than try to straighten them away.

Here are 10 fast tips for you to care for your curls!

  1. Curly hair is vulnerable to hair breakage. Every curl is basically a chance for breakage. Be careful and mindful of this.
  2. Scrunching is important! It can either make, or break a good hair day. Having to scrunch your curls does not mean you don’t have good curls, or real curls, or anything. Scrunching often gives a bouncy playful look to your curls.
  3. Use conditioner on dry hair. This acts like a lotion for your hair basically. Use it almost like a “product” and work the curls with it. Scrunch it and twirl your curls.
  4. Pat dry your hair after a shower and blow dry the ends. (This helps your hair not be weighed down and your curls form more consistently.)
  5. When you want to style your hair by blow-drying it, do it layer by layer. Trying to blow-dry it all at once will likely leave it more fluffy than curly. Pink you hair up and go layer by layer using your hand to scrunch and create those effortless looking curls.
  6. No matter how much work you put in, something you should know is curls are unpredictable. You will not get the same look every day even if you do the same things.
  7. Always detangle your hair from the bottom. With each curl being a potential breaking point, take caution detangling it. Use a wide-tooth comb and gently start at the bottom, working your way up to your root.
  8. Create a deep conditioning routine. I do mine every other sunday and find that it works great.
  9. “Pineapple” your curls at night to protect their curl pattern. (Pin on top of your head so it looks like a giant pineapple.)
  10. HAVE FUN! Curls are awesome and so beautiful! Embrace them!

Having curly hair can be really awesome! Take time to learn what works best for your hair and you’ll soon see too!

What is your best hair-care tip?! I want to know!

Love Always, Enn

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  1. Eleanor

    Great post! Curly hair can be so difficult, and mine in particular can also get quite frizzy. But these are some great tips, I’ll have to implement some of them into my routine 🙂

  2. Amanda

    Love this! I have curly hair and scrunching is such a must!

  3. Shyla

    These are great tips! I have curly hair but I use heating tools on it constantly to manage it and keep it straight. Your tips make me want to go back to taking care of my natural curls properly. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Kalin

    I don’t have really curly hair but have pretty wavy hair, and I follow a lot of these same tips! It’s amazing how frizzy my hair can get some days, especially in the summer. But in the summer I only air dry my hair and scrunch it daily!

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