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We are 11 days away from Valentines Day and today I am bringing you some date ideas!

I know some of you don`t celebrate Valentines, and really, I don`t too much either. But, google tells me that A LOT of people do (read more about that over here) , so I thought this might be a fun post to write!

Date Idea # 1

The classic dinner and movie. Most restaurants will add a Valentines themed menu and maybe even some pink/red/white balloons and flowers. However, from experience, I`ve learned that it can be quite loud in a casual dining space on Valentines Day. (Just something to be aware of.) Some restaurants require reservations to be made well ahead of time as well. Make sure to time your dinner well with your movie as there is going to likely be a line up at the movie.

Date Idea # 2

An evening walk enjoying eachother`s conversation. Walking hand in hand stare up at the sparkling stars and enjoying the simplicity of simply being together. Maybe you can find a stream to walk along, or a beautiful park, but regardless, even just being together is so nice.

Date Idea # 3

Cooking together! First, this is always a great time, and second it can be a fantastic bonding experience. You can cook fancy, or just your normal menu. The goal is to just do it together.

Date Idea # 4

If you can afford it, of course the spa, or a nice stay at a hotel is wonderful. If this isn`t up your alley, maybe having the children (if you have) spending the night somewhere else and having the house to yourselves can be an alternative.

Date Idea # 5

Enjoy breakfast in bed together. Relax, unwind, and enjoy being together. Make some french toast, hashbrowns, eggs, pancakes, oatmeal, bacon, the whole works! YUM!

Gift-giving has become a large part of Valentines Day as well! I`ve written about this before. (Read more here.)

Some common gifts are of course, chocolates, flowers, and jewelry. I wanted to share with you this INCREDIBLE brand that creates gorgeous jewelry.

Ever since Kristina, from KayXSummer was a little girl, she has loved making her own accessories. She would convert her headbands to choker necklaces. Kristina is  beyond excited to have the opportunity to share her creations for others to wear. These necklaces can be worn as an inspirational reminder to follow your heart, making them a GORGEOUS gift.

Whether it`s a gift for someone else, or a gift for yourself, these are gorgeous pieces to have!

Do you buy gifts for others or yourself? Comment below some of your ideas for this year!

Love Always, N


21 thoughts on “Date Ideas For Valentines Day

  1. I love these ideas! I like the idea of cooking a meal together that would be super cute and then spending the evening chatting or even watching a box set together!

  2. I think the key is just to make time for each other. As much or as little as you have. Whilst it’s lovely to go for a fancy meal, cooking at home and enjoy the meal together can be fun and more intimate. Even taking an extra few minutes in bed in the morning before rushing off can be great.

  3. These are some great ideas! For some couples, especially those with children it’s easy to fall into the trap of always doing the same thing. Valentine’s Day is a great time to try something new and spice things up!

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