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As the season begins to change, it is a wonderful time to get out and explore locally.

We know that being in a healthy relationship can have so many beautiful benefits (which you can read about over here), but have you considered yet the beautiful benefits to staying local when venturing into dating?

Major benefits to consider when exploring dating:

  • Dating, without using an app, or the internet, is giving you time to unplug. The way the world is now, we are often on our phones. Research shows that the average person spends approximately 3 hours on their phone a day. Moving away from dating apps means less time on phones, and more time creating meaningful connections in a personal and intimate way.

Allows You To Build A Meaningful Connection

  • Dating locally allows you, and your potential partner to build a bond and a connection through community. By visiting local coffee shops, concert halls, walking paths, etc., you could find common interests and hobbies that you both enjoy.
  • Joining a local dating site such as, Love Suffolk Singles, eliminates the traveling expense and challenge of committing to traveling.

Less Communication Trouble

  • Long-distance relationships can bring a lot of communication troubles, and stress. With the majority of the communication occurring through text/email, it can make it difficult to determine tones of voices, and contexts.

Less Feelings Of Loneliness

  • Building a relationship, and meaningful connection with someone local means less feelings of loneliness. Using a local dating site like Suffolk dating site can help you find a wonderful partner, and wonderful companionship, that can lessen the loneliness.
  • Long-distance relationships, of course, consist of less physical intimacy. Physical intimacy has so many positive benefits such as lower blood pressure, reduced stress, and overall general happiness.

Using a local dating site like Love Fife Singles can help you find a partner/companion, and build a relationship with less misunderstandings.

  • Having a long-distance relationship can make arguments, and disagreements so much harder to work through with a partner/companion in a healthy way. Dating locally can allow you to have that trusting, and loving relationship with a partner where you both are able to develop meaningful communication skills.

A long-distance relationship can also be difficult to keep the spark alive.

Dating locally, and meeting someone locally, may also be better for your mental health. Long-distance relationships can prove to be difficult in having your emotional needs met. The daily struggles of life, and emotional turmoil that happens, can be hard to manage on your own.

Fife dating, and other local dating sites, give you that chance to meet someone, and create a meaningful companionship based on your wants and needs, and your partners wants and needs.

Dating locally can help your wallet (less travel costs), your mental health, and your emotional health.

It can be easier to open up, and talk when you are feeling comfortable, and in your own community. You may even find you have more to talk about, because you both are familiar with the surroundings.

You may have an easier time establishing a physically intimate relationship, and having a partner/companion nearby makes life far less lonely.

Have you had success dating locally?

Love Always, N


15 thoughts on “The Benefits Of Dating Locally

  1. I had no clue that there were local dating sites like this! These seem like a great way to connect with local people. Also, I totally believe that people spend 3 hours on their phone a day… I feel like I prob spend even more time than that lol.

  2. Relationships are hard as it is and being long distance only makes it more difficult. I totally agree with keeping it local. Great post!

  3. I completely agree with dating locally. Dated a guy who lived about 2 hours away. It just made it pretty much impossible to meet up. Either tired, no time to travel for 4 hours (both ways) or public transport not cooperating. Lesson learned. xx Manon | Bondi to Basic

  4. Nice post!

    It’s so hard to get into dating without the help of apps nowadays.. ??‍♀️ I’ve been on tinder and Fb love thing, which does get the people near me, but you’d think working at a coffee shop would help with that xD but truth is, either it’s not me at all to just… launch at people and openly flirt/ask for numbers (which.. yeh okay, I am- but flirting with guys don’t even make them ask either :/)

    It seems like they want sex more and more, not just talk or having fun hanging with each other and get out of the house; as of which, I’m so NOT a girl like that.. I dont even like it xd My luck hasn’t been great so far, sure I got my ex from tinder- but yeh.. they come and go quite frequently.
    In my case, I also get miscommunication issues even locally, as we are a bilingual town — myself being french, having a english-only partner can be hard (yep, we tried that..)

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