These days the whole world of dating has completely shifted. I`m not sure the last time I heard of one partner picking up the other and even going to their door. Times have changed. I think that`s great, but there are still some things I think you just simply shouldn`to do in regards to dating.

Being in a relationship can bring so many positives to your life. (You can read more about that over here.)

From the obvious elevated mood, to the less obvious, better sleep, there are countless benefits. But there are also some things you shouldn`t do when you`re getting ready or already out. Doing these things will definitely take away from all the benefits.

While it is fun to dress up, and if you`re doing that for YOU, then perfect, but if you`re doing it in an effort to impress your date then no.

By doing this, you are taking away the potential benefits of going on a date.

Being in a happy, loving relationship can have an impact on your oxytocin levels, which is what promotes bonding and comfort. BUT, you don`t want to put so much pressure on yourself that rather increased oxytocin it is actually increased stress.

This is the opposite of what you want.

Pick clothing that you feel good in, and go through the process of getting ready for YOU.

Another benefit to being in a relationship can be the lower levels of stress. Don`t get yourself all worked up leading up to the date. This will greatly impact your mindset going into the date, and the potential outcome. Relax and be you!

Finding a date online has become far more common and acceptable.

Dating sites like Gloucester Dating Site have helped so many people find happy and meaningful relationships. It is actually estimated that 1 in 3 relationships in the U.K. now start online!

When you are talking/chatting with someone online, make sure that you are being sincere and honest.

Don`t use technology as a mask to hide behind. With online dating, it can be very easy to cultivate and portray a specific image and I plead with you to not allow this to happen. Allow your beautiful personality to shine.

Being in a healthy relationship can leave you with a greater sense of purpose, but don`t allow it to take away your personal desire to lead a full life as an individual too.

Remember, in a healthy relationship your partner should be supportive and even happy for you, and your personal interests and desires.

With so many relationships beginning online, safety is a key component to a successful and happy dating life.

Ensuring at least 1 loved one knows your date-plan and has a general time-line can ease your mind before hand. Make sure to go out somewhere pubic. Don`t give your address before you feel you can trust them. Drive yourself, or take a cab, and unless you REALLY trust them, politely decline the ride home.

Allow yourself the time to enjoy the new relationship and don`t feel the need to rush it, or make a big commitment. Online dating allows you to potentially meet and get to know plenty of people if you want. Enjoy that experience and all the beautiful benefits that can come along.

Do you have any dating advice to pass on?

Love always, N


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