The holidays are upon us again, and that brings for many, a lot of gatherings! Some may be casual, but others might call for some more formal attire.

*Life is a party. Dress like it.* -Audrey Hepburn

Here I have tips for choosing the right dress for your holiday event.

Know the dress code before you go shopping.

Whether it is formal, cocktail, or business-casual, that will make a difference in the type of dress you are looking for.

Green Velvet Bridesmaid Wrap Maxi Dress

Listen to the recommendations of the person helping you.

You might think you dislike something, but it IS possible that you might like THIS particular one. Just try it on!

Mauve Elegant Bridesmaid Short Summer Dress

Be open-minded.

Try dresses on! Even ones you might typically thing you wouldn`t ever wear, you really never know until you try it on! Go shopping with an open mind and try things on!

Burgundy Velvet Long Sleeve Wrap Maxi Dress

Know your budget. This will save you time, because you won`t try on ones that you know don`t fit into it.

Blush Wedding dress

Bring a water bottle!

Dress shopping can be exhausting! You don`t want to get tired/fatigued, and maybe choose one that you aren`t entirely happy with. Bring a water bottle and stay hydrated!

Chiffon Beach Wedding Dress

Don`t have a time limit.

Start earlier in the morning, and just try on dresses until you find the perfect one! You may even have to visit more than one store. Pack snacks in your car to prevent getting too hungry.

Light Pink Bridesmaid Flutter Sleeve Maxi Dress

Dress shopping can be a lot of fun, but also very tiring and exhausting.

Make sure you pack snacks, and water to ensure you have the best experience. Bring an open-mind and enjoy trying on all the dresses!

This post was made possible by Ivory-Shop. I highly recommend checking out this dress shop as it is absolutely incredible.

What are your best dress-shopping tips?

Love Always, N

p.s. did you see my post the other day about Holiday Decorations?


3 thoughts on “Tips For Choosing The Right Dress For Your Next Event

  1. These dresses are beautiful. I always panic when I need a new dress for an event. I love finding a good deal though.

  2. I usually find my best purchases when I am not looking. So starting early and without the time pressure is the best way for me to get something I like.

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