Help. I’m Obsessed With The Dynasty Empire!

As I write this, I wish I had Fallon Carringtons’ style. She is always polished and perfect. Right down to the signature bold eyeliner that, at this point, is simply iconic. Fallon Carrington is the daughter of Blake and Alexis Carrington. Still, have no idea what I’m talking about? I’m talking about the Netflix series – Dynasty.

If you’re not already hoping for your invite to stay at the Carrington manor, then I hope this post at least inspires you to live the Dynasty yourself. Watch it on Netflix and give it a solid chance. It’s juicy, scandalous, romantic, and passionate, wrapped up with style, betrayal, and lies. When I first began watching Dynasty, I could not get into it. I mean, it’s hard to sympathize with Fallon and Steven Carrington. It was hard to understand that they could even have problems, if I’m being honest. They are like super duper bazillionaires. (Is that even a thing?) I’ve always equated happiness with wealth, and let me tell you, friends – this show will let you in on all the dirty details of what life with wealth might look like. Or, you might just get great outfit ideas. Nonetheless – why couldn’t I be born into the Dynasty empire?

What is Dynasty?

The Netflix series Dynasty is actually a remake of the American soap opera of the same name that aired in the 1980s. While many things were updated in this new one, the premise remains the same. Think powerful families with access to millions and can do literally anything. Also, they live in this insane manor. I believe in one of the episodes Fallon actually mentions that there are seventeen bedrooms. And, they have a butler named Anders who is basically the coolest person on the show.

The Characters

Watching the character unfold is one of my favorite parts of getting sucked into a good series. In a movie, your experience with that character is limited. Movies are typically not longer than two hours. Whereas when you watch a show, the character has an opportunity to grow, make mistakes, learn and change. Sometimes you see the character at a beautiful high, and the next thing you know, they’ve fallen into dark despair. I find it easier to relate to characters in a series. When I can watch them, judge them (shh, don’t tell), but seriously, Fallon, you could be just a pinch nicer, don’t you think, and sit on the edge of my couch in anticipation of what the next scandal will hold. The characters tell the story with so much more than words. Everything matters.

Dynasty - Fallon Carrington

Get To Know The Dynasty Characters

So obviously, this blog is mine, and therefore this is my take and opinion on everything. Just wanting to clear that up first.

Blake Carrington

Picture a savvy businessman who lives in suits and stops at nothing to be at the top, and you have yourself Blake Carrington. Throughout the series, you sort of see how Blake changes, matures, and realizes what his priorities should be. (Oh, but is he too late? DUH-DUH -DUHHH) Sorry, too much?

Fallon Carrington

She is as fierce as she is smart, and if intelligence wasn’t enough, she has epic style, a bold personality, and a fighting spirit. Fallon Carrington is a powerful female character who sometimes even rules over Blake! Life shows Fallon what is important, and she learns that not everything requires glitz and glam, though she’d probably prefer the glitz and glam. She’s all things diva, with smarts, unlike any other character on the show. Yes, I am team Fallon.

Steven Carrington

Poor poor Steven. After he learns that he isn’t actually a biological Carrington… well he sort of falls off the face of the earth. All the best to you, Steven Carrington.


Okay, I love Sam. He is awesome and always learning, growing, and doing better. He recognizes mistakes, apologizes, and stands up for what is right. Also, he too has great style. Oh, who is Sam? He married Steven Carrington and moved into the manor, but then Steven went through some shit and left town, and Sam just sort of stuck around and stayed with the Carringtons. Actually, this is one of my favorite parts of the show. I love that the family still loved him and took him under their wing even though Steven divorced him. Also – where is Steven anyway?

Culhane - Dynasty


Michael Culhane begins as Fallon’s driver. Also – who has drivers? Does anyone actually know a real-life person who has a driver? After some steamy sexy time with the boss babe Fallon herself, Culhane’s character changes in ways I didn’t even imagine.

Jeff and Monica Colby

They come as a duo team, so I couldn’t write about them separately. Jeff and Monica Colby are so cool. Imagine a brother-sister team with all the money you could imagine. Oh, and Monica has such a fierce attitude. I love her. Except, there was that weird time when Fallon and Jeff… well – you’ll have to watch it to find out what. (It’s definitely more than just what you’re thinking my friends.)

Alexis Carrington

Well – she’s a piece of work. But, if you have some patience, you’ll warm up to her, maybe. Well, I said maybe.

I won’t share anymore. Perhaps I’ve already shared too much….? If you’re on the Dynasty bandwagon, let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear your thoughts about these characters. And . . perhaps I’ll share a part 2 to this? Once I finish the series? Let me know below.

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