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Easter Crafts To Enjoy With Your Littles

Looking for fun and creative Easter crafts to enjoy with your littles? Easter is a perfect time to get crafty with your kids, creating memories and decorations that will last long after the holiday is over. In this article, I’ll explore a variety of Easter craft ideas that are simple, engaging, and perfect for little hands. From colorful egg decorating to adorable bunny-themed projects, these crafts are sure to spark your child’s creativity and add a festive touch to your home this Easter season. Let’s dive in and get crafting! If you’re enjoying Easter and Spring-related posts, consider reading these – 5 Spring Home Decor Items You Need, Cute Easter Outfits For The Whole Family, Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks, and Spring-Inspired Home Decorating Tips.

easter crafts

Simple Easter Crafts

  • Easter Egg Decorating: Use markers, stickers, and paint to decorate hard-boiled or plastic eggs in fun and colorful designs.
  • Paper Plate Easter Bunny: Cut out bunny ears and a face from paper plates, then let your kids decorate them with markers, cotton balls, and other craft supplies.
  • Easter Egg Hunt Bags: Decorate small paper bags with Easter-themed stickers, stamps, or drawings to use for collecting eggs during an Easter egg hunt.
  • Easter Bunny Masks: Cut out bunny-shaped masks from paper plates or construction paper, then decorate them with markers, stickers, and cotton balls.
  • Easter Chick Finger Puppets: Make simple finger puppets by cutting out chick shapes from yellow felt or paper, then adding googly eyes and a beak.
  • Easter Egg Garland: Decorate paper eggs with markers, glitter, and stickers, then string them together to create a festive garland.
  • Easter Bunny Ears Headband: Cut out bunny ears from construction paper or felt, then attach them to a headband for a fun Easter accessory.
  • Easter Egg Sun Catchers: Cut out egg shapes from colored tissue paper, then glue them onto contact paper to create colorful sun catchers.
  • Easter Bunny Handprint Craft: Trace your child’s hand onto paper, then decorate it to look like a bunny with ears, a face, and a fluffy tail.
  • Easter Egg Carton Chicks: Cut apart an egg carton and let your kids paint or decorate the individual sections to look like chicks, adding googly eyes and a beak.
  • Easter Egg Potato Stamp: Cut a potato in half and carve an egg shape into the flat side. Dip the potato into paint and stamp onto paper to create Easter egg shapes.
  • Easter Bunny Pompoms: Make small pompoms out of white yarn and glue on googly eyes, a pink pom-pom for the nose, and draw on whiskers to create a cute bunny face.
  • Easter Egg Maracas: Fill plastic Easter eggs with rice or dried beans and tape them shut. Decorate the eggs with stickers or markers and use them as homemade maracas.
  • Easter Bunny Hop Game: Draw or print out a bunny template and cut it into pieces. Hide the pieces around the house or yard for a scavenger hunt, then put the bunny back together.
  • Easter Egg Wreath: Cut out the center of a paper plate to create a wreath shape. Decorate the plate with painted Easter eggs, flowers, and ribbon.
  • Easter Chick Paper Plate Craft: Cut out a circle from yellow construction paper for the chick’s body and a smaller circle for the head. Add wings, feet, and a beak to complete the chick.
  • Easter Egg Shakers: Fill plastic eggs with rice, beads, or small pasta and tape them shut. Decorate the eggs with stickers or markers and use them as shakers for music and dance.
  • Easter Bunny Puppet: Create a bunny puppet by gluing a bunny face cutout to a craft stick. Add cotton balls for a fluffy tail and ears.
  • Easter Egg Garland: Cut out egg shapes from colored paper or felt and string them together to create a festive garland to hang around the house.
  • Easter Egg Memory Game: Create a memory game by decorating pairs of plastic eggs with matching designs. Mix them up and take turns finding the matching pairs.

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Wishing you a beautiful spring season filled with everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

Love always, natasha

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