Easy lunchbox ideas

Back To School Easy Lunchbox Ideas

Summer is nearly halfway through, and we’re nearly at the time of the back-to-school hustle and bustle. I am always on the hunt for easy lunchbox ideas with three children! Anything to make it easier! Below I’m sharing some of my favorite easy lunchbox ideas! Thoughts with N blog is an affiliate of Amazon, meaning if you make a purchase through my blog, it may earn a small commission as a result (at no additional cost to you.) Thank you for your ongoing support of my blog! Part of my self care goals for 2022 was to be more organized and present. That’s why I’m starting with back to school early.

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Easy Lunch Box Ideas

First, begin with a good cookbook. It’s a great way to stay inspired when your kids get tired of the jam sandwiches. Below are some of my favorites!


Next, the proper lunchbox will make all the difference. It’s something you have to pack in nearly every day for ten months, so you want to think quality and good shape. If your littles are on the younger side, you might consider how easy it is to use the lunch kit. Ensure the zippers are a good quality and that the lunchbox will fit in their backpack easily.


Then, the containers. The containers are something you’re going to want to think about because that’s going to determine how easy it is to fit everything inside. I’m a big fan of Bento box-style containers and refillable drink containers.

I like having a few small containers so they can easily reach for their snacks without opening up the entire Bento box.


Don’t forget a good quality reusable water bottle.

And now all the snacks!

What are your easy lunchbox ideas? Can you share some below with us?!

Sending love, natasha


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