With the holidays upon us, I wanted to take a few minutes here and talk about being eco-friendly in your home and with your choices.

For a lot of people, the holidays bring gatherings, and large amounts of food. How often is the average person aware and mindful of the impact they have on the world?

For many, disposable dishes are their way to go when cooking for a large number of people. They scream convenience right? They even come with cute holiday designs on them, making it hard to say no. It is estimated that 40 billion plastic utensils are used each year, JUST in the U.S. And again, that is just utensils.

Let this year be the year that you are aware and mindful of your decisions.

Let this year be the year that you understand, or start understanding the impact we have on the world, and the effects of each of our decisions.

Rather than using disposable dishes and cutlery make the switch to eco-friendly bamboo. Bamboo looks incredible, and is stain and odour-resistant. Bamboo dishes are lightweight, and comfortable to use. This type of cutlery is also completely biodegradable.

Check out Baboo Life and pick up one of their incredible cutlery sets before the holidays begin!

`It’s pretty amazing that our society has reached a point where the effort necessary to extract oil from the ground, ship to a refinery, turn it into plastic, shape it appropriately, truck it to a store, buy it & bring it home, is considered to be less effort than washing a spoon!” Pretty shocking when you think about it this way, right?

We throw away billions of utensils every year, and many of them end up in the environment. Single-use utensils can take up to 1,000 years to decompose and pose a danger to sea turtles, birds, and mammals.

We created Baboo Life to fill a need for beautiful designed reusable alternatives to everyday plastic and disposable products.

Our sustainable living journey begun towards the end of 2018. While planning a trip to Thailand, we started researching more in depth the beaches that are damaged by tourists because of pollution and we were devastated! We decided that we will be responsible travellers, responsible consumers, responsible human beings!

Our first eco-friendly swap was stainless steel straws, which, guess what, arrived wrapped in plastic, which was wrapped with more plastic, almost cancelling the effect of what we were aiming to do by buying the product.

Baboo Life products not only will not come to you in plastic packaging, but we also work with our suppliers to eliminate plastic in the supply chain too!

Travelling is really rewarding as you get the chance to meet new people and way of living. You get out of your comfort zone and you get an understanding of a different culture. Every traveller needs to respect the places that is visiting as this is his own place.

Baboo Life is not only a brand, it’s a community. We want to share with you our sustainable living tips and we want to learn yours too!

Wherever this journey takes us, we want to promise you this: we will never cut down on sustainability! We will always do the best for you and for the earth!

Now, let`s talk about food waste. It is estimated that 4.2 million plates of turkey and trimmings go right to the garbage every Christmas! AHHH! Right?!

Try to cook the right amount of food, for the amount of guests you are anticipating.

When you are wrapping up your food, make the switch to beeswax wraps.

`Prairie Minimalist is a small family business run from our farmhouse shop in Saskatchewan, Canada.  We are passionate about nature, simple living and quality reusable products that can replace disposable items in our homes. 

Switching to sustainable items is a process.  Our goal is to provide quality reusable products in order to help you make small changes.  Replacing items in your home slowly allows you to form new habits without being overwhelmed.

Our shop started with our handmade beeswax wraps and has grown from there.  All of our food wraps are handmade in small batches with local beeswax, natural pine resin and jojoba oil.  They keep all the convenience of plastic without all the waste.`  

While you are cooking, why not wear one of these beautiful aprons? Studio on Tenth creates gorgeous art on linen towels, pillow covers, bags, and aprons. Using these linen towels will reduce your need for paper towel. Fantastic for drying dishes!

Studio on Tenth is a family collaboration, blending business
skills, product development and beautiful artistic ability. It is
in these images Studio On Tenth was formed. All original artwork done by 20 year old Emma Pyle and printed, produced
and marketed by her mom, Andrea. Grandma, Dorothy, is a
key figure on the sales team.

In a busy, bustling kitchen, non-paper towel is a must!

Paper towel is used SO often, especially cooking holiday meals, get rid of that waste immediately and make the switch. Check out EcoAdorable!

This incredible shop also carries other eco-friendly items that you must check out.

Unpaper Towel Roll with Snaps

The roll can be made of either 6 full sheets or 6 half sheets. I have 100+ prints to choose from. It is made of Cotton Terry and a cute quilting cotton print of your choice! 4 snaps at corners to keep the roll together.Every roll is unique since it is customized ! Multiple prints can be picked to create a roll that fits your style!

Reusable Cloth Tissues with a lovely hand painted wooden box

These are made of quilting cotton, and has this feeling of freshness when it touches the skin, unlike flannel. They come in a set of 20 or 40 . Makes for a unique look wherever it is needed!

The prints can either be : Floral, Girly, Boyish, mixed gender or Adult .

Organic Bamboo Hemp Facial Rounds

A very popular item nowadays! Made from organic bamboo hemp fleece, they are amazingly soft, durable and eco-friendly. Measuring 4×4 inches.  You can even choose the thread color! They come in a cute free bag too!

Organic Menstrual Pads

Yes, we couldn’t get away with that one. More and more women make the transition to reusable pads, and it is amazing! The earth is only getting better now. Made of a heavy organic bamboo hemp fleece core, they are crazy absorbent. Their absorbency has no equal to any other natural fabric on the market right now. Also we are selling Menstrual Underwear, for a secure night sleep or daily use!

When it comes to hand washing Altus Advantage is the way to go.

The product is intended first and foremost for cleaning dishes. It reduces the use of plastic by coming in a reusable glass jar (Bernardin – Canadian). It will also clean grease on counters and stoves. It will not spill and is made from coconut based surfactant and essential oils. Follow on Insta over here .

Let`s get to setting the table.

Rather than using plastic table cloths or place mats, try one of these from Island Weaver Design. These are gorgeous, hand-woven and perfect for all holiday gatherings.

Islandweaver Design Studio is the name under which Diane Mortensen operates
her weaving business. She is also a talented painter and jewellery designer.

Consider wrapping up your extra food in pouches like from DynamoMainsBlanche. `Thirty years ago, I was already concerned about the environment without really knowing it. I was a mother who had her 4 children with washable cloth diapers . I recycle milk bags for freezing. I have always been passionate about recycling because I thought of future generations. Today, I’m granny and I keep thinking and doing items to come more and more to ‘Zero Waste’. I am encouraged by my children and their partner to continue on this path. I present you my sandwich and snack bags. I tested them even for freezing, freezing berries before putting them in these bags. The fruits remain beautiful. They are machine washable and hang. The PUL fabric is perfect for these bags, which for me are indispensable in my kitchen.
I am happy to put forward everything related to the environment, one step at a time, one change at a time … I invite you to do the same thing.`

Il y a 30 ans, j’étais déjà soucieuse de l’environnement sans vraiment le savoir. J’étais une mère qui faisait porter des couches lavables à ses 4 enfants. Je recyclais les sacs à lait pour la congélation. J’ai toujours eu à cœur le recyclage car, je pensais aux générations futures. Aujourd’hui, je suis mamie et je continue à penser et faire des items pour en venir de plus en plus au ‘Zéro Déchet’. Je suis encouragée par mes enfants et leurs conjoints à continuer dans cette voie.
Je vous présente mes sacs à sandwich et à collation. Je les ai testés même pour la congélation, en faisant congeler des petits fruits avant de les mettre dans ces sacs. Les fruits restent beaux et sans frima. Ils sont lavables à la machine et suspendre. Le tissu PUL est parfait pour ces sacs, qui pour ma part sont indispensables dans ma cuisine.

Je suis heureuse de mettre de l’avant tout ce qui touche l’environnement, un
geste à la fois, un changement à la fois…Je vous invite à faire la même chose

Exchanging gifts is often a part of holiday traditions. If that is part of yours, consider wrapping in brown recycled paper, or using re-usable gift wrap, or gift sacs. When they are all wrapped up, skip the ribbon and opt for a reusable bow from Party Whirled!

Budget AND eco-friendly! Party Whirled is an Etsy shop dedicated to whimsical and fun party and gift wrap items with a purpose.

After years of having to throw away party goods and gift wrap meant for single purpose and limited use the owner of Party Whirled decided to do something about it. She created a line of products meant for reuse and repurpose . The line is made up of things that are just too adorable to end up in the next day’s trash! When possible,she also uses sustainable and recycled materials. This year’s line of Christmas goods all feature felt that is composed of recycled plastic bottles!  

Wreath and Pine creates incredible wreaths for you to indulge in the holidays in an eco-friendly way.

Wreath and Pine specializes in wreaths made from nature. The wreaths are created using many different types of pinecones for a variety of tones and textures. Wreaths are topped off with clear coat for a natural rustic finish, or painted in festive colours like gold or white, perfect for the holiday season! Wreaths combine pinecones with different natural materials such as nuts, cotton, botanicals, and moss. Every wreath is made by hand with care and attention to detail. Add a touch of the outdoors to your home decor with a unique, rustic, and truly one of a kind wreath!

Add a gorgeous banner from The Festive Studio and you will be good to go!

Finish off your day by washing up with one of these facial rounds from ButtermilkLaneFibers .

However you celebrate/acknowledge the holidays, try some more eco-friendly ways this year!

What do YOU do to try to be more eco-friendly over the holidays?

Love Always, N

*Thank you to the incredible brands above for making this post possible. Sending love.


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