Essential Oils

Before two years ago, I really had never heard of essential oils.

Now, maybe I live under a rock. TOTALLY POSSIBLE! Or, maybe there was a slight shift and they became more in the media? Either way, essential oils are incredible.

I will admit, my knowledge for such is very limited.

I have experimented with a few. I love using my cinnamon one. It makes me think of Fall. I also use euclyptus and peppermint if I am feeling an oncoming cold. And then lastly, vanilla is my home base. This one I always find so calming and comforting.

I have been lucky and had the opportunity to connect with Nichola Cosgrove! She is an incredible lady and so, so inspiring.

I have learned so much from her, and she even made me my own essential oil blend to help me with sleeping and anxieties. (THANK YOU BEAUTIFUL)

I wanted you guys to know how incredible she is too!

10 fast facts about Nichola Cosgrove:

1) She is the original designer and was the world leader of Spiral Ring Snuggies, made by hand spiralling some 150 k snuggies by hand every year.

2) She tries as much as possible to be ecological using 100% recycled paper and biodegradable or recycled envelopes. She also does not use any preservatives, colorants or harmful non natural chemicals in her self care range.

3) She works by herself designing, testing and manufacturing all of her products. She is a one woman show, definitely a wonder woman.

4) Her desire to turn a hobby and passion into a business venture came about when her eldest was born with allergies. She saw first hand the magical effects of using nature products and decided she couldn’t keep this knowledge to herself. She decided to share it with other people who may be suffering.

5) The symbol for her cosmetics range is the tree of life, which for her represents all that we can learn from Mother Nature.

6) Her ultimate aim is to simplify people’s toiletry cupboards and help people use clean cosmetics that are not only good for the body and home but don’t damage our planet. It is possible to look and feel great, without creating unnecessary damage to nature.

7) Her most inspired products come to fruition when she is walking in a forest. Smelling fresh air and hearing the wildlife calms her mind and helps her to see the path she needs to follow.

8) She has a creative side, which she decided to combine with her self care range in the form of handmade jewellery and accessories. All are based around her Tree of Life logo.

9) Being creative is her getaway. When her mind is hectic she sits down with her beads and makes something. It provides her focus and even if she doesn`t sell what she makes, her girls will take it because even if it looks rubbish to her, they see the beauty in everything.

10) Aromatherapy is a big part of her life.

She uses essential oils over any pharmaceuticals. Don’t get her wrong pharmaceutics have their place in the world. She actually has a degree in Pharmaceutical Science and a PhD in Chemistry, but natural therapies should be used more often. Our bodies are made to use natural products, eat clean and be in nature. The further we move away from that concept the worse the human race is going to be.

I`m so excited that Nichola is my friend! I highly urge you to give her a follow over here and stop by her shop over here !

Do you use essential oils? Do you have a favourite blend?

Love Always, N

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  1. Laura Clubb

    November 30, 2019 at 7:06 pm

    I love essential oils my favourites are lavender and sweet orange. They definitely help my family ☺️

  2. Dawnette Brenner

    November 30, 2019 at 5:53 pm

    Thanks for this refreshing blog on EO. I love them and use them everyday! ?❄️

    1. admin

      November 30, 2019 at 5:54 pm

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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