If you are a frequent reader of my blog then you know I’m obsessed with Fall. Today I’m sharing my Fall must-haves! If you’re new here then HELLO! Thanks for stopping in! I write a lot about fall and how much I love it! I have always felt like fall is a gift from nature. I feel so blessed to experience it every year. (Also – should you make a purchase through one of my links, my blog will make a small commission at no additional cost to you. It helps to maintain and grow ThoughtswithN! Thank you)

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Well, you get the idea! I LOVE fall. It’s my favourite time of year to create content and it’s the time of year I feel most inspired. Today’s post is a rundown of all things I’m loving this fall. You’ll get the low-down about my favourite products, loungewear, outfits and more!

First things first, at the beginning of Covid times, which feels like an insane amount of time ago, I ditched the wire bra and opted for something soft, and comfortable. And then I just continued it even once the world has started returning to normal. Here are a few of my favourite bralettes. I own both of these. I find them very comfortable and breathable which is a huge bonus.


Next is the loungewear!

Before covid, I never even owned loungewear. And now I think it’s all I wear! But, why not? It’s comfortable and looks awesome. Here are some loungewear pieces that I adore!


I love loungewear because it often can pass for a leisurely outfit! With the temperatures quickly changing, (it is plus 7 Celsius here right now which is 44.6 Fahrenheit) The nights are slowly cooling down and before you know it, I’ll be writing about the snow!!

The Sweaters

I am a sucker for sweaters. The more the better! I love big cozy ones. The bigger the better! Here are some I’m loving right now!

Last fall I really fell in love with ponchos and blanket scarves. A blanket scarf is basically a big square piece of coziness and there are a million different ways to use it. Maybe not a million, lol but MANY! I have two ponchos I love. One is in black and grey and the other purple and white. I find that these two combinations end up going with everything I wear.

I love the kind with sleeves as much as the kind that just wraps/drapes over you. I find them both so versatile and they go with leggings, jeans, and just about anything!

The Cardi’s

I’m obsessed with cardigans this year. I’ve been getting a lot of hot flashes thanks to my meds, so cardis are awesome. They are lightweight and easy enough to put on and take off. I find that they can easily make an outfit look slightly more elegant very easily also. The colours I’m loving this year are brown, ivory, black, grey and some green here and there.

The hair

Unfortunately I don’t have any fancy tricks to tell you with hair! My hair is very wavy and getting to get some curls again. (I used to have very curly hair but lost it after my pregnancies, but now it’s making a comeback!) Here’s what I’ve been using for my hair –

This is honestly the best shampoo that I’ve used for my hair in a long time! It leaves it soft and very wavy.

The Make-Up

My make-up routine is very simple but I’ll show you all the products that I’ve been loving!

Work/Life Balance Fall Must-Haves

I’m not sure why I even named the heading that… I suck at finding that balance. But I did find an amazing planner that I wanted to share with you. It’s 100% worth the money!

I have this exact one but in purple. But, it makes planning out my days so much easier. There is a section for a month at a glance, for goals, dreams, habits and more.

My Samsung watch helps me to remain active and not sit at my laptop all day long. I also set step goals and I find my mood much more stable when I get up every hour and stretch.

Some things we’re loving at home:

Yep! Coffee and cozy blankets! Everything cozy for me until Spring!

What’s on my wish list?


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Also – Don’t forget to check out my favourite brand Motivated Babe with my code! This is an incredible female owned brand that I’m sure you’ll LOVE too!

Love Always, Enn


4 thoughts on “My Fall Must-Haves – 2021

  1. Yess we got similar bras like that- I can’t remember the name now, but it had an ad on TV.. and so comfortable!! That’s legit all that I own ?
    It looks like the second picture, but there’s lace on each side that you tie to the opposite side; making the “push up” effect if you want it.

    I actually have a EOS allergy.. it’s the only product that upon using make me scratch like crazy at my lips — seems to be the brand as i’ve tried the “eggs” when that was cool years back, and thoses lippies you included aswell and both have the reaction 😐 kinda wierd.

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