I can only speak for myself of course, but meal times are not fun.

Trying to find a meal that is sure to make everyone happy, and that you have time to make, oh and, don` t forget to make it healthy too. Doing this after school, while you have agendas to sign, home reading to do, notes to read, permission slips to send back, field trips to put on your calendar… and SO SO much more!

The after-school frenzy is crazy in my house! And on top of that, the wild two year old is running around wanting every single thing that the other two have in their hands., because you know.. lunch kits and books are the funnest toys.

It is noisy, as each of them want to tell me all about their day at exactly the same time. I do my best to split my listening in half so I can hear them both. I am not sure how much actually stays with me though.

They are excited happy kids and just want to shout from the roof tops. Which is, of course, completely okay.

But, I have found that making supper, while being in the middle of this chaos is hard. I struggle to focus on the task at hand. I struggle to focus on thinking of what I am going to make. And then, when I decide what I am going to make, I struggle to stay focused to find the ingredients and actually go through the motions of making it.

So I have a list of my go-to meals. Meals that are quick, easy and my kids love them. Sometimes I can even involve my kids making it (depending on their moods), which then makes the house far less chaotic.

So here are my Easy Peasy Meals!

1- Quesadillas. We always keep wraps on hand because they are so versatile. You can use them for so many things. We buy whole grain ones, but there are so many fun kinds, like spinach and roasted tomato, you can be adventurous and try some out. We put shredded cheese and some veggies (peppers, tomatoes, spinach, etc), and then fold it over, into the fry pan, and it is literally like 2 mins each side. Awesome supper! Fun, because the kids can be involved picking what veggies they would like, and so fast!

2- Noodles and Shredded Cheese. Any kind of noodle works great with this one. We have started buying veggie noodles. I like trying to sneak in veggies wherever I can. All you do is make the noodles, and plate it, then sprinkle shredded cheese on them. Another great dish to add veggies into! This again, is fast! You can even just have a container of cooked pasta in the fridge waiting from your meal prep, and then just pop it into the microwave, and ta-da, done.

3- French Toast. We LOVE french toast here. I sort of invented my own recipe for this one. Often I find recipes, and then I don`t have ingredients and have to improvise. So here is my french toast recipe.

2 eggs

1 tsp vanilla

1/2 tsp sugar

drop of maple syrup

Make sure when you put the bread in you really let it soak. This way the flavor goes right into the bread and not just on the top. This only takes like 2 minutes each side. We are a family that loves breakfast at all times, so for us this is great for supper.

4- Croissants. You know those awesome Pillsbury croissants you can buy in the dairy section? Roll them out and then put some ham and cheese inside. Or bacon, or peppers, or whatever floats your boat. DELICIOUS!!!

5- Grilled Cheese. This is a classic of course. Experiment with different types of cheese. Great conversation starter with your kids. Great time to explore different tastes and textures also. One of my favourite things to do with grilled cheese is to butter the bread with garlic butter. YUMMM!!! Again, quick, and easy!

6- Cereal. I know you are probably like, come on N, that is just lazy. No! It`s great! You know all those bags of cereal laying around that have like 2 tablespoons left in them but no one can finish them because there is not enough for a bowl? MIX THEM TOGETHER! Fun, and easy! (and gets rid of those random bags of cereal! win win!)

7- Yogurt Parfaits. Try serving these in a clear glass cup. It`s pretty looking, so I am fairly sure your kids will be intrigued. This is simple. Just layer yogurt, granola, and fruit. Make the layers as big as you want, or as small. Experiment with different granolas, different fruit and different yogurt. Healthy, and pretty!

These are my 7 go-to supper ideas. They are easy for me, and easy to find the energy to make them on a day where I am struggling with my mental health. They are fun for my kids, so it keeps them interested in that, rather than arguing.

Do you have go-to meals? What are they?

Happy Parenting

Love Always



6 thoughts on “Fast & Easy

  1. I love french toast!! It was my childhood comfort food and so, so simple to whip up! I have also wanted to try Quesadillas for as long as I can remember. Someday – fingers crossed!

    Thank you for sharing 😀

    – Nyxie

  2. The chaos you describe is very familiar to me. Lol. Your list of quick and easy meals is great and I’ll be adding some of those to my list. Than you.

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