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If this is your first time stopping in here, THANK YOU, and if you are a bit of a regular, still, THANK YOU! I`m so excited that you are reading. I`ve been highlighting different, out of the box, type gifts in anticipation of Valentines Day, but really, for any day. It`s always nice to think of others, and spread love and kindness.

I`m introducing you today to Karen from FeelingsofLove and I am absolutely SO excited to have that honour.

Karen is such a special being and uses her talent to spread love and kindness everywhere, and honestly, does it get better than that?

Jewelry is not only beautiful, but it can say something too.

Something loving, something healing and even something empowering.

With that in mind, Karen has designed a unique line of jewelry where nature’s most basic elements are transformed into artfully designed pieces meant to celebrate life and the world around us.

Karen`s passion for creating has led her to create jewelry that is trendy and affordable. But the most important thing to her is to create a personal, one of a kind piece, that speaks to my customer, with the feelings of love.

Feelings of Love was created after her Mothelost her long and courageous battle with ovarian cancer. Karen was devastated, to say the least! She was her best friend. 

Karen decided to keep myself very busy by expanding her skills and taught herself how to make polymer clay jewelry!  Who thought you could make beautiful clay jewelry!  Well, that was a great success and now I sell polymer clay jewelry as well. 

Karen`s Mom had always pushed her to be my best self so she took another step and decided to become a silversmith!  So she is on that journey as we speak and all of her pieces are now handmade by her!

The jewelry you choose can be inspiring, happy, sad, joyful.  You can celebrate those small steps or those big successes!  Every piece has your story!

It would be Karen`s great pleasure to create a meaningful piece inspired by you.  You are also welcome to use your personal knowledge of the gift recipient to select the perfect piece for a loved one, friend and colleague. 

I would highly recommend you visit Karen`s lovely shop over here the next time you are looking/shopping for a beautiful gift, or even for something for yourself.

One thing I find S O inspiring about Karen is her wanting to continue learning! I am always eager to learn too!

Have you taken up new hobbies in adulthood? How did it go?

Love Always, N

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9 thoughts on “Feelings Of Love

  1. Such a lovely blog post, I haven’t heard of this brand before but the pieces look very lovely and delicate!

    Ayse x

  2. How beautiful! What a beautiful piece. I haven’t heard of the brand before. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I like learning too! I would to learn more about editing and photoshop! Xx

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