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Today I want to talk about that first date! It’s sometimes so magical, and sometimes so awful. It’s the luck of the draw!

Just kidding, it’s not totally the luck of the draw. There are some things you can do before hand to ensure you have a fantastic first date. Some things ensure that you’re on that first date with an actual candidate that you’d WANT to be with, and others ensure that you’re safe, healthy, and making choices that are good for you. Take some notes and remember these simple tips!

Ensure your online dating profile is accurate, up to date, and reflects what you’re looking for.

Doing this will make sure that you’re not wasting your time with a partner that isn’t looking for the same things as you. Whether you’re wanting something casual, or you’re ready to settle down, make sure that you’re honest, and real about it right from the very beginning.

Google their name.

Okay, so you maybe have found the one you’re looking for, but, do a quick background check first. In this world, you literally NEVER know anymore. Someone may seem perfectly safe and suitable, but maybe there is actually a warrant out for their arrest. (A bit extreme, I know, but I’m just saying!)

Check their social media.

Social media is such an intense look into the person. Many people are very open on their accounts, and it could give you a look into their personality. If they are a “party person” or, a “home-body” you likely will be able to tell from their social media. You’ll also be able to see what kind of ideas they support, and what they are passionate about. However, this is only if their accounts are public. If they aren’t … then you can’t do this.

Learn about their interests.

By now, you’ve chatted, you’ve checked their social media, and now you know what they’re interested in. Don’t go to a date knowing absolutely nothing! Learn! Maybe they did some volunteering at an orphanage in Haiti, then google Haiti, and learn a few things so you can ask questions and get to know them even more. I don’t mean to spend hours and hours researching, I just mean a quick little scan of what their interested in so that you can show up to your first date somewhat prepared.

Respect covid-19 protocols and safety measures.

You can Meet Staffordshire Singles, and still stay safe and respect rules. If you’re meeting in-person, (which I don’t recommend right now) then ensure you are safely distanced the entire time. Wear a mask, and avoid high traffic areas. I would recommend trying video dating, as it can still be super fun, and it ensures the safety of everyone.

It is still a time to love, and be loved.

Using online dating sites such as Match Me Happy can help you interact, and feel connected, as well as staying safe and having fun. I urge you to explore video dates as well as being completely honest with yourself and your potential date surrounding what you’re looking for in a relationship.

Have you tried any video dates during the pandemic? What did you think of it?

Love Always, Enn


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