If you follow my Instagram then you know we’re struggling with a neighbor.

If you don’t, then follow me here. A quick rundown though is that we’ve now received 2 noise complaints with very specific times. It feels completely unfair to me, because it’s not true, and no one is listening to me. I’ve never felt so unheard before, and there’s literally no reason to not believe me! We have fantastic history renting. We’ve never had a complaint before this.

So, we have now ordered a camera for inside our home.

This way we will be able to at least prove what we were doing during her specified times. UGH $100.00 that was not accounted for in our budget. I am in disbelief at the extents I’m having to take. But, whatever. So this whole issue has now got me thinking about a house, which is so odd, because I have never wanted to be a home owner.

Reasons I love renting:

  • I don’t have the stress of fixing something if it breaks.
  • I don’t have yard work.
  • I have a brand new, beautiful home, which I definitely can’t afford if I buy.
  • I love my town, and the house market is very small here.

So, renting has always worked very well for us. I have always found it to be very stress-free and simple. And, I love simplicity. But, this week, the events that have been occurring, I’m definitely pondering becoming a home owner.

Reasons I’m pondering buying a home:

  • I get away from this neighbor.
  • I have a yard.
  • I don’t have to be so stressed about noise.
  • It’s an asset of course.

I am aware that there are A LOT of reasons to buy a house. I’m just exploring a few here. Where I live, there is no help for first-time home buyers. Many years ago there was a zero-down home buying program, but I was only 18 when I found out, and definitely not ready for a house. Now, you need to have MIN. 5% of the asking price. It’s hard to save all that with 3 children and 1 income. The average house in Manitoba is $293,000. And, that’s just an average, plain-jane house. Which, is totally fine for us, but I’m just saying, that house likely needs a lot of repairs.

How does a young family save, survive, and thrive?

Why is life so hard? How does one get ino real estate?

Love Always, Enn

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6 thoughts on “A First Time Home-Buyer – Thoughts with N

  1. I’m sorry you don’t have good neighbours. To me buying your own home is a huge thing because I see it as very “adult” haha, and I am in no position to consider getting on the property ladder. But I think it’s a great investment and definitely something that you should consider if it’s the right move for you x

  2. OMG! I have similar thoughts too. You’re so lucky that you live in a province where purchasing is still an option. My husband and I live in BC and the houses in the lower mainland average around $1M. We don’t have an option to leave as our families are here and my parents will end up staying with us. We rent right now and it’s nice to not have to deal with anything but we are working towards owning. Thanks for sharing and I hope it all works out x

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