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Father’s Day is approaching quickly, and I LOVE bringing you guys amazing brands that are worth checking out!!! WhiskeyStones has the perfect gifts the the dad who loves whiskey!

Whiskey stones are a reusable alternative to ice cubes. It’s a way to keep the drink chilled, and not dilute it. BONUS. Typically, whiskey stones are made of non-porous soapstone. Once the soapstone is cut and the sharp edges are removed, they are safe to put in a glass without worrying about scratching or breaking it. Their job/purpose is to keep the drink chilled. But, the awesome part is, they do that, and don’t distort the taste of the drink!

The stones are first chilled, and then just pop them in your drink, and enjoy your chilled whiskey!

They come in various sizes. The small ones it’s recommended to use 3-4 per glass, and the larger ones, often one is all that’s needed. Whiskey stones first appeared around 2007. Most are cubical or spherical, but there are definitely other really neat shapes. Whiskey stones are simple to keep clean too. All that’s needed is warm water and soap. They are such an awesome way to enjoy your whiskey, without having a very diluted drink at the end.

One of my favorite things, is personalizing a gift.

And Whiskey Stones does just that! They offer engraving for free. With fast shipping and amazing customer service, THIS is the best gift for the dad who enjoys a cold drink. The website to purchase is also very easy to navigate, which to me is a bonus. Each part of the gift set above is customizable, giving you the ability to create the perfect set! Right from the top you choose your whiskey or decanter, with several drop down options. A decanter, in case you don’t know, is a gorgeous jug type dish. It is to hold the alcohol.

Personalizing is the very next option, which is awesome because you’re not going to forget if it’s something you wanted to add.

I love how easy it is to see the option. You even have options for what type of glasses you would like included in the gift. The beautiful gift comes with everything you need for the perfect drink!

This makes a perfect gift for more than just Father’s Day of course.

Anyone who enjoys a nice cold drink would enjoy this. The customizing option is a nice way to market a brand, or to add a special touch to the gift.

Do you have a whiskey drinker in your life? What do you think about these whiskey stones?

Love Always, Enn


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