It is Friday!!! Yay! It’s time for some Friday self-care.

We made it!

Maybe some of us just barely, but hey we DID make it! Here is a reminder to practice some self-care! (If you are in the mood, why not treat yourself to This)

In hopes of trying to become a more positive person and changing my negative mindset, I am celebrating the victory of making it through another week. (You can read more about my goals over here.)

Give yourself a hug! Take some time for some self-love and some self-care. Take a few minutes to listen to what your body and mind are telling are you, and nourish your soul. 

Maybe, make yourself some warm tea, and reflect on your week? 

I sometimes find reflecting on my week to be helpful in helping to keep things in perspective.

It helps me to understand my emotions and what caused them. And maybe I still don`t understand why my emotions happened, (most likely the case), but, it can help me to be at peace with everything that I am feeling or have felt. 

I am no party animal by no means, and I will likely be asleep before 10pm tonight, but here are some of my favourite things to do on a Friday evening! I think sometimes there is pressure to be doing something amazing on a Friday. With 10 percent of American drinkers (aged 18 plus) drinking on average of 74 alcoholic drinks a week, I`m sure plenty of those drinks are happening on a Friday. So here are some ideas for those of you who, like me, prefer quiet evenings! 

My Favourite Self-Care Things To Do On A Friday

Read. I absolutely LOVE to read, and always have a hard time deciding, do I read, or do I write? Right now I am reading one from Nicholas Sparks! Reading is such a nice way to unwind and give our minds a break. Reading is known to reduce stress, and improve your memory. This book  is definitely on my TBR list!

Write. I have been working hard preparing for Blogtober and writing like CRAZY! I am feeling great though, and my anxiety has been virtually nil! Writing is a way I cope with my mental illness and work through the demons that haunt me. I enjoy writing blog posts and poetry. Here are some of my favorite notebooks!

Playing NHL Hockey on PS4. My husband and I LOVE playing hockey! It is just something we enjoy doing together as a couple. We even play on the same team, which definitely took some practise learning how to work together!

Visiting Family.

With the weeks being so busy, and so much go go go, often on a Friday evening we go over to my family’s house for tea! It is so nice being with family and hearing how everyone’s week was and how everyone is doing. It`s a nice way to unwind and connect with them.

NETFLIX. My night will always end with Netflix! What would we do without it? What did I do without it? Haha! Right now my favourite show is Grace and Frankie and if you like funny sitcoms then I highly recommend this one!

Nothing. Isn’t it nice when the day is finally over to have that deep breath and relax? Be present in the moment and be proud that you made it through another week, and you are doing great!

These are some of my favorite things to do on a Friday. Gone are the days of big plans, and fancy dresses that’s for sure! I think there is a lot of good that comes from relaxing, unwinding, and having a quieter evening, even if you are someone who does enjoy a more exciting lifestyle. 

What is your one favorite things to do on a Friday?

Love Always, Enn

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3 thoughts on “A Friday Night Routine You NEED To Try

  1. I work from Monday to Thursday, so Friday is my first day of the weekend and I entirely devote it to… blogging! It's definitely the best moment of the week.

    Your Fridays sound great! I also love to write and read. What do you usually write?

    Norma. xx

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