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January is a very tough month for me. Besides that it is so cold, and the days are so short, (taking a huge hit on my mental health) it is also the month of my dear Grandma`s birthday.

My Grandma`s birthday was/is today. January 24, 1929.

Each year that passes, my heart breaks just a little bit more that she is no longer here with me.

My Grandma was an incredible lady and I was so lucky to have her for so long. I can see that now, though when I was 15, soon to be 16, I did not feel that way. I felt angry for having her ripped from my life so quickly and so painfully. (You can read more about this here)

Losing her shook my faith in everything, including life itself. I had never lost anyone before, and now I had to figure out how to cope through losing one of the most important people I had. She was the person I could go to about anything.

One thing I always remember about her is her love for jewelry.

All of her fingers were loaded up with beautiful rings, and she had so many necklaces and bracelets. I always thought they were so beautiful. That she was so fancy. When she passed away, a garnet ring was passed on to me. A ring that she wore all the time. Garnet, being her birthstone, I wanted to write about it.

Garnet is found all over the world, and is most commonly known for it`s dark reddish appearance, but does appear in a variety of other colours as well. Garnet is used as a healing stone. Some of it`s common healing properties are cleansing and re-energising the chakras. It regenerates the body, and can balance sex-drive. It can bring hope and courage to someone.

I love the depth of the stone. It brings me so much peace to see it knowing how much my Grandma loved it.

I wanted to share with you some of my favourite garnet pieces I have found that I know my Grandma would love too!


300 Denarii

 Garnet is January’s birthstone and these lovely red garnet earrings are one of our bestsellers!  The gorgeous natural red garnets are set in hypoallergenic stainless steel.  To visit our shop please click here.  300 Denarii is run by a husband and wife team in Michigan.  Matt makes the jewelry and Amanda runs the store.  Our shop focuses on making affordable natural gemstone and fordite jewelry, using sterling silver and hypoallergenic settings.  Our shop is named 300 Denarii because we have committed to giving 25% of our online profits to organisations that reach out to helping others.  This year the two charities we are supporting are charity:water and Lutheran World Relief.  100% of donations to both organisations goes to helping people in need.  Follow us on Facebook to get the first news of any sales or new items! 

BigBarclayBuilders – Issac is a hobbyist woodworker and jewelry maker. He only use natural materials with all his projects. Each piece of jewelry contain a natural gemstone. Therefore, you are always guaranteed a one of a kind piece as each gem stone will be slightly different.

NeosJewelry – Amina started making jewelry over a decade ago while on maternity leave and hasn`t stopped since! Creating handmade jewelry is a passion and she strives to offer her customers high quality pieces.
Each piece of jewellery is created in Amina`s small workshop in Terrebonne, Quebec. She uses sterling silver, gold filled wire, and semi-precious stones. 

DandelionImpressions – is operated out of a home based studio and specializes in Handmade Jewelry and Personalized Custom Gifts.

Stephanie (shop owner) works with precious metal clay, natural gemstones, metal stamps for engraving and loves doing custom gifts to put a smile on yours or that special someones face.

Each and every item is made with great care and love.

Custom orders are happily accepted and a great way to add a personal touch to your very own one of a kind piece.

ShamanQueens– is a project by two crystals, nature, sun, moon and self-care enthusiasts. But mainly; two true friends who wanted to share their passions with others and create a space for self-love and care all through an alliance with nature and what it has to offer. 

The interest for crystals has ancient origins. Shamans used them for spiritual and healing purposes.

Modern science does not treat of this subject in research. Meanwhile, people are relying less and less on their intuition and they are dissociating themselves from their connection to nature.

Everyone is attracted to crystals (Oh shiny objects!) for their brilliance and beauty. With our collections of bracelets, we suggest choosing and wearing a piece of our jewelry that attracts your eyes for its aesthetics first (love at first sight!) to help you reconnect with nature by the vibrations of the crystals.

Shaman Queens evokes the alliance between the essence of nature and the preciousness of jewelry.

CosmicTempleVibes – Cosmic Temple Vibes is a meditation and yoga inspired Etsy shop that carries items with unique vibes to bring about good energy and harmony in the universe.

The owner is an avid yoga and meditation practitioner who is a pioneer in teaching breakthrough meditation techniques to reach higher states of awareness and one-pointedness as well as bliss, peace and tranquility.

It means everything to me to share with you some of my favourite pieces that have my Grandma`s birthstone.

Garnet is so beautiful, and makes such a beautiful gift for a loved one or even for yourself. With Valentines being so near, keep these pieces in mind when/if you are Valentines shopping.

Do you have a favourite stone?

Love Always, N


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