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Father’s Day is quickly approaching and it’s the holiday I find the hardest to shop for.

My dad is very difficult to shop for! He has everything and wants for nothing. In case you’re in the same position, I’ve put together a few little guides to help you!

If you like buying personal gifts, I shared 7 beautiful ideas a week ago. (You can find that post over here – 7 Personalized Father’s Day Gifts) Today’s post I’m sharing some great gifts for the fisherman!

Dad The Man The Myth The Fishing Legend Shirt Men Vintage image 0

This shirt from ModestMooseDesign is top of the list! Made with heavy cotton, this shirt is definitely a staple in a fisherman’s wardrobe! For only $28.70 you can’t go wrong!

This fishing hook is sure to bring a smile to his face!

Father's Day Fishing Set of 4  Father's Day Gift image 2
Father's Day Fishing Set of 4  Father's Day Gift image 5
Trout Etched Whiskey Glass  Free Personalization  Fish Rocks image 0

A trout etched whiskey glass from GlassIslandDesigns would be a perfect gift!

From LacPebbleArt is a beautiful pebble art picture!

Pebble Art Fisher  5x7  framed image 2

A few other ideas are this keychain, this wooden sign and these cute socks!

A few quick and simple ideas for the fisherman dad! Which one is your favorite?

Love Always, N

P.S. Check back soon for my next gift guide!


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