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With the holiday season coming quickly it might be time to think about Christmas shopping!

I have found Christmas shopping to be difficult sometimes, trying to find that perfect gift can be stressful.

And then, add trying to stick to somewhat of a budget on top of that, and it can be a very unpleasant experience.

So, I have compiled a list of gifts UNDER $15!

I hope you find it helpful!

For anyone who loves accessories:

Scarves are one of my favourite gifts to give AND receive, so they definitely must be in my list!

An Amazon gift card is great for anyone!

Warm, cosy socks are always a fantastic gift!

If there is a child on your shopping list, a book is always a great gift!

I love Burts Bees Wax, so I had to include a gift set of course!

For any writers on your shopping list, we can never have enough notebooks!

And then a nice pen to go with it perhaps?

Some excellent books are also a fantastic gift idea!

For any poetry-lovers, there is this one.

And, if you really can`t think of anything, there is always chocolate!

Try not to have a stressful Christmas shopping experience.

Tips to help keep Christmas shopping fun:

  • Make a list and know what you are wanting, but of course being open-minded in case you can`t find that one particular thing.
  • Narrow down where you actually ENJOY shopping. Don`t go somewhere where you don`t.
  • Have a budget. Know exactly what you are comfortable with spending, and STICK TO IT! This may not seem fun per say, but it does help with less stress afterwards.
  • Shop online. If you, like me, are someone who does not enjoy all the busyness of the stores at the holiday season then take this as an opportunity to enjoy shopping right from your pjs!

Make lists if that is what helps you, and do whatever you can do, to make it fun!

Christmas is so much more than presents, so I urge you to try to remember this if you are someone who gets a bit frazzled during the shopping season.

It`s about time with loved ones, and making those wonderful memories.

Have you started shopping yet? Do you like shopping at the big stores, or do you prefer online?

Love Always, N


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