Another year has come to an end. It`s amazing how fast time flies.

I remember being a little girl watching the clock, counting down until the clock struck 12, and it was a brand new year. I never knew what the significance was of a new year, but I always loved a good celebration.

My memories of New Years Eve are all with family. The adults would listen to their music, and probably have drinks, and the kids would listen to their own music and watch movies. As we got older, we got more risky and would sneak into the alcohol cabinet and experiment with trying whatever was there. (Without leaving the adults empty bottles of course.)

My New Years Eve`s were spent with family for as long as I can remember. I have never been to a social, or house party to celebrate. It was all about talking about the memories and events that went on throughout that year, and things we were looking forward to coming up.

I always remember my dad would say to me, every single New Years Eve night, when it was finally time for bed, `See you next year`, and every single year it made me laugh.

There is comfort in having things stay the same.

It allowed me to know what was coming, and I could better mentally anticipate it. But, it also limited my experiences. When things only ever stay the same, there is no room to try new things, or for growth, and testing our limits.

All of those things are important I think. In order to test the boundaries of my anxiety, it`s ìmportant to not always accept defeat, but to keep working harder to try new things. And then, it isn`t accepting defeat, but rather learning the limitations of my illness.

Embrace the New Year.

This is one of my goals.

To let go of 2019 and welcome 2020. Not so much in the sense of being a new person, because I really don`t believe in that, but in the sense of letting go of the hardships from 2019 and allowing them to become lessons.

I believe every experience we have has a hidden lesson in it somewhere.

Sometimes we just have to look harder then other, but none the less it is a learning experience and an experience of growth.

This year I want to allow that growth to happen rather than fighting it, or even being afraid of it. I want to embrace the change, and welcome 2020 and everything that it`s bringing my way.

While I`ve never really had a big, fancy celebration at New Years Eve, I have always flirted with the idea of it. I love the idea of all the shimmer and sparkle, and the endless wine and delicious food.

I`ve put together a guide of things I`d want to be a part of my celebration! I have covered things from decorations to clothing.

N E W Y E A R S E V E : H E L L O 2 0 2 0

First off, one MUST is divine invitations!

PixelCandyPaperie is where I would be getting my invitations from for sure!

`This shop lists editable instant download party & wedding invitation templates.

INSTANT-EDIT AND PRINT TODAY! No proofs, no wait. Just edit straight from your smartphone, tablet or web browser.`

`Over the years I’ve worn many hats, mother, housewife, crisis mental health residential support staff, in home care for elderly, retail business manager, web developer and digital designer. After coming to the realisation that I’ve spent most of my life immersed in building other people’s business, I learned the fine art of self care, set boundaries and started to take care of “me”. 

Through a super meaningful podcast I discovered the Enneagram, which brought me into a deeper understanding of myself.  For those interested, I’m a Type 2 with a 1 Wing – generous, altruistic, strong moral compass and always have some sort of mission or goal to help humanity rolling around in the back of my mind. However, I became resentful to some degree because I was taking care of everyone else and leaving little left for “me”, hoping that someone else would nurture me. 

From there I realised that I needed to break away from being drawn in so many directions. I literally went into my own crisis, had my hands in too many pots and gave every ounce of myself away to the point of having nothing left. So from this back story came the inception of Pixel Candy Paperie. For years I had been giving digital design resources to other designers for free and making some money monthly from that with Google AdSense.

There are resources that I still do sell to digital designers to this day. However I longed for having the time to actually make a finished product. That’s when I migrated into doing customized digital invitations that customers can edit themselves. Despite the fact that customers have the option to edit the invites themselves, there is still a lot of customer support involved but I absolutely love it! Some people will request custom invites and that can be a lot of fun. For the custom items, I typically end up turning into an Etsy listing that can be re-sold. So my time isn’t wasted. There’s an aspect of me that is still stuck in the pattern of giving my time away to people but it’s sort of morphing into a space where I can re-use the work I’ve done for other people to make residual income. 
The business really started rolling in June of 2019 when I finally made a commitment to myself to grow the business.

Oh my – how it has been growing like wildfire!

Just two weeks ago I was able to quit my day job with the exception of 5 hours per week. I have been so incredibly busy but really excited about it too. 
So I still get a chance to serve people by offering beautiful designs, but I’m being a little “healthy selfish” by building a strong future for myself in the process, a future that I’m absolutely passionate about. Getting messages and reviews from customers stating how grateful they are for the prompt customer service or custom design just warms my heart and gives me strong motivation to make more products.

A GORGEOUS dress is a must, right?

Check out AlleyChic for that!

`My name is Maria Diaz 

My journey all began when I decided to start my online business, I was tired of trading my time to work for someone and constantly being bullied in jobs feeling miserable and like I didn’t belong I decided I had to take action and start something new which meant no one can take my time.

I started to look for designs and bring them to the table.

We are a new business, only 6 months old but we are on our way up with customers loving our stock and designs. We are hearing nothing but positive feedback 

This journey isn’t easy  but something is telling me not to quit and keep going 

We have picked some designs this NYE Christmas and festive season.`

A fabulous pair of earrings is a must!

`Taylor’d with Grace is a dream turned reality ran by a sister-in-law team. We love creating personalized decals, t-shirts, home décor, jewelry, and more.

Our jewelry collection started out with faux leather pieces, but we have recently began incorporating unique and fun acrylic and metal pieces in as well. Our goal is to bring cute and affordable items to people to make them feel good when they see or wear something we have created.

The long term goal for us is to hopefully open a store front with all types of unique and fun items.` 

Add a beautiful chunky bracelette for some extra glam and sparkle!

LuvMacaron is the place to go.

Born out of a desire to share great jewelry finds with others, I started my business in 2012 where I created my jewelry and sold online from the craft room of my house. A whirlwind of e-commerce opportunities and internet success caused our inventory to quickly expand to include new lines of first quality fashion jewelry.

Check out this gorgeous bracelete over here!

We specialized in simple and fashionable jewelry, we will have engraving jewelry coming very soon.

With a good dress and accessories, the most daunting affair can feel so much easier, right?

Make sure you remember that it`s really only celebrating if that`s what YOU want to do. If it`s not, then it`s just adding stress to your life, that you don`t need.

Take a moment though and reflect on your past year. Reflect on 2019. Maybe you had some life-changing events. Maybe it was just a mellow year. Either way, it`s another year. Congratulations for making it through another one.

Lately it has been feeling like life is kicking my butt. So I like pointing it out that no, I`m still here. I`m still okay, and I`m going to keep fighting.

Love Always, N

*Thank you to the above brands for sponsoring this post. Wishing you so much love and happiness in 2020.


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