It seems as though life is nearly always chaotic, and there are always at least 3 major things going on simultaneously.

So, if you lead one of these chaotic lives, or maybe, like me, you struggle with anxiety, and the thought of striking a conversation with a total stranger at a restaurant does not sound fun, then I ask you this…

Have you tried online dating?

Sites such as, Surrey Dating Site have worked hard to make dating a fun and enjoyable experience for you.

There are countless positives to being in a relationship. Such positives range from the feeling of being supported, increased happiness, lower levels of stress and even a longer life expectancy.

So if you are wanting to be in a relationship, but don`t want to try to meet someone at random, because, let`s face it, that can be stressful, I`m going to tell you what you need to do to start online dating safely, and happily.

First, know what you`re looking for. Whether the next step for you is marriage and children, or, you just want to casually date, understand what you are wanting.

Think of personality traits, hobbies, interests, religion etc. These things may be factors in a relationship for you, and that is important.

Write your profile. I think detail and honesty is important, but don`t tell your whole life story either. Less is more. But also, try to convey the same message that matches what you`re looking for in life.

Include nice photos of yourself.

Try for ones without filters to really showcase your beauty.

Then, take the plunge and start looking for your next date. When you are in touch with someone, make sure you remain honest and true to yourself and what you`re looking for.

When you are setting up your dates, make sure you are meeting in a public space.

Some examples of this can be coffee shops, restaurants, museums, galleries, and shows. Being in a public space adds a certain level of safety for you. Be sure to check out your local sites and social media for information about what is going on in your community!

Next, you should message a friend what your plan is, and when you arrive.

You can never be too safe. It`s always a good idea to let someone know where you are planning to be, and even how long-ish you will be there.

Arrive a few minutes early to just mentally prepare yourself, and scope the environment out, if it`s a new space for you. Enjoy yourself, and relax!

Maybe you`re going to find your great love, or maybe you`re going to just have a pleasant date.

Either way, be sure to be honest with yourself, and with the other person, and then relax and enjoy all the positives that come with dating!

Have you gone on a date that began from an online dating site? Do you have any advice or tips you can share?

Love Always, N

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3 thoughts on “A Beginner`s Guide To Online Dating

  1. I half heartedly tried online dating years ago. I keep stumbling across online dating blogs. Not sure if I can take it seriously tho. But this does seem like great advice for someone who does.

  2. I’m not online dating since I’m married. But this is a great article for individuals who are looking to start online dating and have no idea where to start. Great tips.

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