How Busy Moms Can Achieve Great Hair in Just Minutes a Day

Hair care tips for busy moms

Hi, thanks for stopping in where I’m sharing my hair care tricks! Having healthy, beautiful hair is more than just a matter of luck. You can use many tricks and tips to make your hair look its best. From finding the right products to using simple DIY treatments, there’s something for everyone when it comes to taking care of their tresses. No matter what kind of hair you have – curly or straight, long or short – there are plenty of ways to keep it looking great every day. You don’t need expensive salon visits or fancy products; you only need some good advice and a few simple steps that anyone can follow at home.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some essential hair care tricks and tips that will help you get the most out of your mane! Read on to learn how easy it is to give yourself gorgeous locks with minimal effort! With the seasons changing, one thing that can always be a struggle is hair care.

Hair Care Tricks For All Seasons

I have thick, coarse, wavy hair, which can be very difficult to manage. It`s especially more difficult during the change of seasons. I live in a town that experiences extreme temperature changes with a lot of moisture in the air. In Manitoba, our temperatures range from plus-45 Celsius to minus 45 celsius, meaning hair care can be tricky. So I`m sharing with you my favorite hair products and tricks to maintain healthy, soft, shiny hair!

First, I`m going to begin by telling you I don`t wash my hair every day.

Number one, it is crazy time-consuming, but secondly, it makes my hair far too difficult to manage. Washing your hair once a week can be a great way to not only keep it looking its best but also help to save time and money. It’s easy to feel like you need to wash your hair every day for it to look and feel healthy, but this isn’t necessarily true! By developing a weekly washing routine, you can give yourself beautiful locks without spending hours in the shower or at the hairdresser. 

When I do wash it, I use Aussie shampoo and conditioner. I also use their fantastic 3-minute mask. I have used MANY different shampoos and conditioners, and this one is AMAZING. 


I am now using a different shampoo. My hair has grown immensely and is the healthiest it’s ever been. I linked below one of the products, but I use this line of shampoo and conditioner too. My hair used to feel, well, sort of yucky. I’ve been using these products for about 6 months and I’ve noticed a big difference in my hair. I would 100% recommend to anyone with long hair.

I also use this incredible oil in my hair in the shower about twice a month. It is typically used as a skincare, but because of all its amazing natural ingredients, it is beautiful in my hair. I put a few squirts in the palm of my hand and gently massage it into my hair for a few moments and then rinse it out. (This oil is also amazing in a bath to help with dry skin!)

I also use CHI oil regularly.

It helps my hair stay soft and smooth.

Make sure you don`t use a large amount, though, because it will make your hair look greasy. Just a small dime-sized amount should be good.

I use it on my ends, especially when they are a bit ragged looking, as it smooths them and gives them shine.

The next thing I want to talk about is towels!

What you use to dry your hair is very important in maintaining great health. HOW you use the towel is also crucial. Have you ever wondered why your hair always feels so dry and brittle after a shower? It could be because you’re not using towels properly to protect it. Towels are essential to any hair care routine, yet many people don’t know how to use them correctly. Using the wrong type of towel or rubbing too hard can damage your locks, leading to split ends and frizziness. Fortunately, there are some simple steps that anyone can take to ensure their hair remains healthy and hydrated even after towel-drying. Don`t scrub your hair with your towel in an effort to dry your hair. You can break your hair and cause split ends to split even more. Your hair will become matted, and then you will be left to try to get all those knots out. Instead, pat your hair gently with your towel. Microfiber towels are fantastic for your hair. Whatever you do use, though, don`t rough your hair up with it.

hair care tricks

When my hair is freshly clean, I tend to wrap it up and keep it away from my face.

I do this by twisting my hair and putting it in a bun or loosely braiding it. I prefer to allow it to dry naturally rather than blow-drying it. It takes a really long time to blow dry my hair.

These products help me to keep the frizz away from my hair.

What are your favorite hair products?

Love Always, N



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  1. Nafisa

    As someone with an afro hair I just never see the logic behind washing of the hair everyday. I also let my hair dry naturally, very good tips and suggestions! Your step by step and the way you provide your reasons are great

    1. admin

      Thanks for reading and commenting ?

  2. Ellie Phillips

    Love these tips! I dont really take care of my hair properly so im gonna take on some of these tips!

  3. Angie

    I really like Function of Beauty. I’ve been using their stuff for about a year. It’s a little pricey, but customizable and a little goes a long way.

  4. Ashley

    I have the same problems, thick and curly hair that wants to frizz in the humidity. I only wash my hair about 2x a week. I also let it dry naturally, any blow drying will cause frizz. I use Not Your Mother’s Smooth Moves for my frizz control.
    Great article.

  5. kenna

    My hair isn’t curly, just a MESS. I love Aussie products they smell so good!

  6. Latisha Porter

    Very good tips and suggestions! I love how you go to step by step and provide your reasons.

  7. Fadima Mooneira

    Useful tips. Thank you for sharing.

    1. admin

      Thank you for reading and commenting!

  8. Jazmin

    My favourite hair product is absolutely a curl cream. With my afro Caribbean hair it’s essential that after washing I slather my hair in a conditioning curl cream as it just keeps all the hydration in!

    1. admin

      Thanks for sharing! I use a curl cream sometimes… But lately the ones I’ve been using make my hair greasy and heavy. I’m on the hunt for a light weight one!

  9. Vanessa

    I never understood people who wash their hair every day? Personally as I have very dry hair I just shampoo the top and condition the ends. Works well for me!

    Vanessa x

  10. Ashley

    My hair is in terrible condition at the moment, I’m going to try some chi oil as you suggested – it’s probably just the thing I need! xxx

    1. admin

      Its a lifesaver for me!! Hope you like it too!

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