Life is always so busy, and taking care of ourselves often gets pushed aside.

Even without meaning to, days can go by before we realise that we haven`t brushed our hair or done anything more than piled it high on top of our head in the classic messy bun.

It can be so hard to know you are reaching that point, and sometimes even once that point is reached, it`s way too difficult to pull out of it.

I`ve put together a list of MUST-HAVE hair accessories and products that you can use to treat yourself when you are down/in need of a little `pick me up`.

For any Harry Potter fan, indulge in these beautiful scrunchies!

These would make a beautiful gift for a Harry Potter fan as well!

Juniper Brand Goods is next up!

A shop filled with gorgeous hair pieces, they are SURE to cheer you up and make managing your hair much easier! Juniper Brand Goods is a Canadian company based in Ontario that makes quality accessories for you and your littles from upcycled, vintage fabrics

Mia Ness Creations is a shop that creates gorgeous barrettes.

`I am a single mom to two wonderful kids and i love making hair clips! My daughter has wonderful curly hair which gave me the inspiration to start making hair clips and bows. I am also a part-time student studying to be a massage therapist. I love what i do and hope you do too!`

Natural Worlds Bloom is an incredible shop that creates amazing products you need to try. `

`My Miracle Hot Oil Hair Treatment is perfect for when your hair needs a little extra love! It locks in moisture & improves elasticity in your hair. Hot oil treatments also help strengthen and prevent dry brittle hair and also split ends. 

The way that my hot oil treatment works is that it helps stimulate blood flow on your scalp which helps with hairgrowth and helps reduce excessive shedding.

The first time I bleached my hair I knew I had to work hard to get my hair back to its natural healthy state which is why I quickly turned to drugstore “ hair treatments “ and would only see temporary results. I then started looking into natural remedies and thats when my hair started its recovery journey! `

Endless Crochet Creations is a shop of talent and uniqueness.

`My name is Tammy Larabie and I’m the maker behind Endless Crochet Creations.  I am a mom of 4 and an entrepreneur.

I created Endless Crochet Creations in 2016 and have been busy since. 

I learned to crochet 30 years ago from my late mother.  Creating new pieces is truly a passion of mine and I feel so blessed that the art of crochet was passed down to me. I sell finished products as well as my own custom Crochet pattern.I love working with quality yarn and creating fashion forward designs and I’m always up to the challenge on bringing a custom order to life.`

Chaya Hair & Skin Products

specialize in healthy hair growth products.  Our products bring life back to dry, dull and thin hair.  We also specialize in growing back bald spots and filling in thin edges. 

Using these products will increase your hair growth rate rapidly.  Several of our customers have suffered from hair loss for years and since using my homemade products, they have found relief.  Our products are organic and chemical free.  Using these products, most of our customers see results in 60 to 90 days.  Our products include: our Hair Growth Spray, Xtreme Moisture Oil, Xtreme Growth Oil, Kryptonite Hairgrowth Oil and our Stop the Breakage Treatment. 

Whimsical Wury Monster is a beautiful little shop.

`My name is Catherine and I am the proud aunt of 3 adorable nieces and 4 handsome nephews; each of the children have unique qualities and personality.  

WhimsicalWuryMonster shop was inspired by one little guy, Christian who struggled with feelings of insecurity and anxiety…he had many, many worries.  The first worry monster was designed as a fun way to help Christian embrace his feelings and support wellness.  The monster worked so well that other parents began to request colourful, unique monster friends to help their children.

WhimsicalWuryMonster is a handmade business, located in Durham, Ontario, Canada.  We strive to have a shop that is unique, cute and trendy.  We love fun and colourful fabrics/prints and we pride ourselves on quality workmanship for functional products.  We are soooo happy the scrunchie trend is back!`

SeaDiamondDust is another beautiful shop that is filled with amazing scrunchies!

`I’ve always loved doing arts and crafts and perfecting each item I set out to make. Last summer I stumbled upon a short video on how to make scrunchies. Making scrunchies was easy and so much fun. I brought a few into my work and everyone loved them and told me I should sell them!

I kept making them and ran out of friends and family to gift them to, so I took the leap and opened my shop in August of 2019. I love making them and hearing feedback from customers to improve my shop.`

BeeLeaf is the dream of a mom and daughter from Calgary, Alberta who share a desire to create beautiful, sustainable products of the highest quality. Our pieces are designed to endure and be handed down to friends and family, from one generation to the next.

We have made a commitment to ourselves, our families, and our customers to avoid causing harm to living creatures through the production of Beeleaf products. We use vegan fabrics and do not partner with or purchase from any companies that test on animals. Our products will never be sold in any markets where animal testing is required by law.

Every decision we make comes back to sustainability. We only have one Earth, and we want to treat it with as much respect as possible. The fabrics we use are made of natural and renewable fibers such as cotton, flax, and bamboo and/or recycled materials. We print our signs and stationary on recycled paper, and use upcycled materials in our designs whenever possible.

We source all our fabrics and at least 90% of our materials from Canadian suppliers and small businesses, We use Calgary-based graphic designers and photographers, and everything we sell is handmade by our team.

PureEra – Founded in 2017 in Ottawa (Ontario), Pure Era Co. started with a passion for handcrafting and education. Véronique (owner and maker) is very mindful about what goes where on her skin, and wants to share the goodness that home-made and cruelty-free can do for you.

Pure Era Co. bath and body products are formulated and tested to help deliver the most effective, skin-loving ingredients without the toxic aftertaste. The welfare of her clients and her Eco-consciousness are the #1 priorities. This makes us proud to deliver our precious Canadian creations to you.”

HalfSquares is a small independent maker of high quality dapper accessories. All our products are handmade in Lithuania from 100% linen.

`We are passionate about making items that add a tasteful touch to a stylish outfit. HalfSquares accessories are investment pieces that can be worn for years to come. Our scrunchies, pocket squares, scarves, neck ties/bandannas maintain minimalist aesthetics. They also make a great gift to someone who cares about their style and quality.

Linen gets softer and feels nicer the more it gets washed, maintaining its strength and durability. Our linen comes mainly from Lithuania, we buy locally grown and woven fabrics as much as possible. By making things that we like, we also want to support local fabric manufacturers.`

There are many beautiful hair accessories and incredible products that can certainly help to brighten your day!

Sometimes simply treating yourself to something new can make caring for yourself a little easier. Remember to take care of yourself this holiday season, and listen to your body.

Love Always, N

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