October means HALLOWEEN!!!

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I have grown to love Halloween, but not yet in the more scary adult sense.

I do enjoy it for children though, so today I`m showing you some of my favourite decorations!

First up are these gorgeous branches. I think in a vase they would look so pretty, and still in the spirit of Halloween!

You could pair those with these beautiful roses.

Pair those together in a vase and you have added a spooky but beautiful piece. There are also creepy black cloths that would add a very spooky effect to your place.

Add these nice black tablecloths to your tables to embrace the holiday spirit.

If you love candles then these ones are a must!

The scents sound delicious enough to eat!

If you are a crafty one, you can easily make this Halloween Wreath with very little amount of supplies!

Spook out your entrance with ease!

Decorating for Halloween can be a lot of fun, and it`s nice when you can find awesome decorations for very little cost.

Do you decorate for Halloween? Where do you get your decorations from?

Love Always, N


3 thoughts on “Easy Halloween Decor

  1. Thank you for sharing. I have to say Halloween is my favourite celebration of the year. I go all out with decorations, dressing up and having a party. Since moving to France I have a bit of a reputation now as to the house to go to. My children love it too and I love spending it with friends. You have given me some neat ideas for some additional decorations to make in the school holidays next week.

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