Have you ever heard of the Highway of Tears? I recently wanted to educate myself about it, and thought I should share what I’ve learned with you here. Let me first say, I’m very new to learning about this, so if I use the wrong word or am misinformed, please send me an email so I can learn, change, and do better. My email is Thank you for your kindness and patience as I expand, explore and grow. I think it’s important to get uncomfortable so that I can change and do better. So, here I go, into the discomfort. Here I go welcoming the unknown. Feeling it. Leaning into it. Embracing learning and change.

Highway Of Tears is a stretch of highway in British Columbia, Canada where many Indigenous women and girls have gone missing or been murdered.

It is 724 km and is on highway 16, the Yellowhead highway, between Prince George and Prince Rupert. It is bordered by 23 First Nations. It is a region characterized by poverty. Until 2017 the region lacked public transportation which resulted in hitch hiking along the highway. The actual number of victims is unknown the the RCMP acknowledge 18 disappearances and murders. Victims were as young as 12 years old. It is a stretch of highway that is the setting of so many sad, and devastating stories. In 2015, the federal government launched a national inquiry into these cases. It was in that year that the federal minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations Canada, claimed that the number of missing and murdered indigenous women and girls in Canada is likely over 1200. (This information is taken from Canadian Encyclopedia.) However, Indigenous Women’s Groups document this number to actually be over 4000.

The first I heard of this was on a podcast. I was out on a walk with my dog, Rooster. Walking through the dark streets of my town was oddly relaxing after a long day with the kids, and I started using it as a way to wind down at the end of the day. I listened to the podcast and had all the feels. How could a place like this even exist? I had no idea how sheltered I was living and was completely oblivious to some really big world issues. I want to ensure that these victims don’t go forgotten and that I’m using my platforms to spread awareness and educate myself and others.

Here are some resources if you’d like to learn more about Highway of Tears :

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If you’d like to watch a movie about Highway of Tears you can find some information here.

For more information about missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls in Canada here are a few resources. I urge you to learn.



Have you ever heard of the highway of tears?

Love Always, Enn


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  1. There are so many terrible things happening in our world and this is just another example. I think everyone could stand to become more aware of these issues and do their part to report things that they see and more. We need to stand together to prevent these apparently common atrocities. Great post and info to share.

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