The dating game is constantly changing, as are the rules to it`s game.

Looking back at history, it`s remarkable how modernised dating has become.

I don`t think anyone could have guessed what dating and relationships would look like if they thought about it back then.

Going as far back as the 1800`s, couples were always supervised in the young womans` home.

Couples were also formally introduced to each other and were paired together like that, rather than meeting by random. If you travel back as far as the Victorian Era, you will enter a time where women were only allowed to accept four gifts from a gentleman. These being, flowers, books, sheet music, and confectionary.

In the Victorian Era, couples who courted, always married, and never divorced. Divorce ruined a womans` reputation.

Going forward several years to about 1950, and men were now using flattery and pick-up lines. Men were expected to woo women in order to gain their interest.

In this time (1950`s), it was also very important to have parental approval. During the 90`s it became more popular for guys and girls to express their feelings through handwritten notes.

Now, let`s fast-forward to 1995, and the first online dating site is launched!

However, online dating has changed a lot over the years. Resorting to online dating was often seen as desperate, and not something many wanted to openly partake in.

But, by 2007, online dating became the second highest online industry for paid content.

Online dating has become HUGE among the world with an estimated 50 million people having tried it.

Some reasons why online dating is appealing to so many:

  • One reason worth noting is TIME. People often simply don`t have time to go out and meet people, or to put in the time of going on a few dates to see if they`re compatible to only find out they want different things. Online dating profiles are very specific, and ask very specific questions to determine desired outcomes, which help to wean out individuals you wouldn`t work with.
  • Self-esteem and mental health may be another point. People could definitely be more comfortable being matched online, rather than meeting person after person, and getting emotionally invested.
  • Sometimes people may just be tired of meeting the wrong person as well. An estimated 1 in 6 marriages begin online, so there are excellent chances that you will meet a fantastic partner!

There are many positives to dating and many ways to enter and exist in the dating world.

Bristol Dating Site is one of many sites that help locals find their special date!

The world of dating has evolved so much, and online dating has come a very long way. With so many people registered on dating sites, there are excellent chances of making a great connection!

Being in a healthy relationship can bring so many positives in your life, from lower levels of stress, to better mental health, and longer, and happier life.

What are your experiences with dating? Have you tried online dating?

Love Always, N

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2 thoughts on “The History Of Dating

  1. I loved this history of dating! Mainly because I love history and I think old fashioned courtship is just so cute. Probably because Tinder and online dating doesn’t seem that romantic anymore (at least to me!). I’m trying to get back into dating, but I’m scared to get back into the dating pool, even online. I kind of wish I would just be introduced to a nice guy by friends, like in the old days, but that doesn’t seem to happen much anymore! Oh well. But I have tried online dating, but since I’m currently single, it didn’t work out for me. 😉

    Emily |

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