After doing a Gift Guide for HIM (which you can read about here) I realised I should definitely be doing one for HER!

Now of course all females are different and enjoy different things, these are just some ideas for you to look at.

SOAPintheNUDE is a new little store that is AMAZING!

Vanessa was so kind as to write for me about her and how this journey started for her. I always really enjoy knowing about companies that I shop at. I feel like it creates a more personal and real connection.

`First, why I started making bath products. A few years ago at a holiday market fair, I came across some handmade, natural products. I decided to give them a try because my skin was getting worse with each passing year in these long, harsh Ottawa winters. Rather quickly, I noticed a drastic improvement in how my skin looked and felt. Why had I waited this long to try natural products?!

Since I like to attempt various projects, I decided to try my hand at natural bath products. I started with bath bombs because they seemed easy to make. Not so much! I didn’t give up and after many failed batches, I finally got the hang of it. I found joy in creating these little marvelous bath beauties and it went from there. Soap-making is a whole other level but I was determined. This way, I would know exactly what ingredients I was slathering onto my skin every day and what I washed down the drain. In addition to my skin feeling the best it had since I can remember, I did not expect to have so much fun!

Now, why I opened my shop. My original purpose of making these products was to alleviate my irritated skin. I made so much of many different products that I couldn’t use it all. I started giving them away as gifts to family and friends. A bit to my surprise, I received a lot of positive feedback with requests for more! I’m at the point now where I want to expand slightly beyond my original purpose of making these products to help me. I want to help others. My purpose isn’t to go big or make a ton of money – so I’m not going to cut corners. I continue to make only high quality products that I would put on my very own skin.

A little line about the soap process. I use the cold-process method. This process takes the most time of all soap processes (sometimes up to six months or more before a batch is ready to use), but it is undoubtedly the highest quality of soap you can use. This is because temperatures remain very low, ideal for preserving the benefits of plant-derived oils and butters. I use exceptional ingredients and never use palm oil due to unsustainable harvesting. On top of being amazing for your skin, there is much less of a carbon footprint compared to commercial products when the residue washes down your drain.

So I begin my journey of offering some of these products that have worked for me to anyone who might want to try them. If you have any questions about my products, I’m more than happy to chat about them.  

Born and raised in Ottawa Canada, I have early memories of gardening in the spring with my mom and collecting seeds in the fall.

I could not wait for spring to come around again so I could start the planting cycle again. When I had the opportunity to plant my own garden, I definitely over planted because I wanted one of every plant. They are all so beautiful in their own unique ways. In Ottawa, the gardening season is quite short (winters are long and harsh) and as a result, I have also filled the inside of my home so I am surrounded by plants 365 days a year.

Being a long time plant enthusiast, I have been looking for ways that I can better use plants and their amazing properties to create beautiful natural bath products. Whether it’s using indigo to create beautiful blue hues in soaps, or the essential oil of lavender from my garden for it’s amazing healing properties, I believe body care products should be natural and without any synthetic chemicals. Not only are completely natural products better for us, but they are better for the environment.

I’ve found that since I started using completely natural body care products, my skin’s health has improved tremendously. It is my passion to create something good for me, good for the environment and would love to share them with you. Your skin will love it, too.`

HandsOnCeramics creates beautiful pieces!

`Though I am born and bred in NYC I have been a Chicago dweller for several years. I majored in Ceramic arts at Concordia university in Montreal then made my way to Chicago where I began teaching and producing my own work.

Between instructing wheel classes for adults and children, managing a ceramics studio and working as a production potter I became
obsessed, immersed and in love with all things ceramic. Finally establishing a brand for myself I began to sell my work locally and participate in juried art shows, artisan markets and Comcon conventions. Finally making my way back to New York City after six years in Chicago I`m continuing to grow and expand by sharing my love of clay through teaching and building my own line of functional ceramics.

`MuahKissMakeup is a confluence of the desire to provide our clients with the highest of quality, the richest pigments, and a luxury cosmetics experience.

Our desire is to leave a fabulous legacy and make a difference in the world through the premise of gifting a #MuahMoment.

After years of building online businesses, running a traditional office, and really wanting to regain control of our future, we made the decision to break from the norm and start a new venture together, as the ultimate husband and wife tag team!

Muah was born while watching our little girl discover the power born from confidence, and lipgloss was the catalyst. In the innocence of youth, we learned beauty lies in sharing and caring, and witnessed confidence coming to life with the swipe of a wand.

We are all so much more than just a pretty face. Individually, we empower. There is a sense of control over one’s destiny with the swipe of a lipstick. Command respect when entering a room. There is nothing more beautiful than confidence. With a touch of glamour and grace, Muah Cosmetics embodies a sense of confidence for all, never to be denied.

One’s cosmetics should highlight the beauty within.

With a touch of glamour and grace, Muah Cosmetics embodies a sense of confidence for all, never to be denied.

With this in mind, we set out to build a luxury line of cosmetics for everyone who needs a #MuahMoment. Comprised of only the finest ingredients, and manufactured in Canada, Muah Cosmetics’ mission is and will always be to provide our clients with a line of cosmetics that render confidence, empowerment, and a fabulous reflection.

When it’s so good you want to share it with someone you love, they’ll wear the smile you gave them, and we’ll know our mission is complete. There is absolutely no substitution for quality or luxury.

With this in mind, Muah Cosmetics provides an opportunity for anyone to own luxury cosmetics at reasonably attainable prices. Share the love, flash a confident smile! We are excited to share your #MuahMoment soon!

You can conquer the world with the right shade lipstick. And, the ones you love will never be alone when you give them a fabulous smile!`

Stop by over here and find a beautiful gift for someone, or even for yourself!

Albaza Crafts

Explore the new age leather bags with rustic vintage look
My shop Albaza Crafts specializes in leather bags that are multipurpose and unique. Our bags range from crossbody bags, tote bags laptop bags, shoulder bags ipad bags sling bags to briefcases and wallets and journals.

We use Full-grain leather which has slight imperfections on the hide. These are natural marks. Other companies have their leather polished which does not give them the natural look. Rather than wearing out our full-grain leather will naturally condition with use the more you use it the better it will look and feel.

Our products are made with fine quality leather but most importantly our bags are practical and convenient.

Our leather is not polished instead we tan it naturally which gives it an extra effect and look.
Our products soften by use and does not result in a musty smell.

LIVE BY BEING is an intimately curated collection of Artisanal Bath & Body Goods that are 100% Natural, Vegan & Cruelty-free, hand-crafted in small batches in Houston, TX by Artisan Kennedy Lowery.

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“ My mission is to inspire mindful self-care moments by transforming the seemingly mundane daily tasks like a skincare routine or a hot bath into intentional moments of just being and reconnecting with you. In this volatile world with ever-surging responsibilities, it’s easy to put yourself last and become disconnected. LIVE BY BEING is about taking the time and space to perform ritual. So whether it’s mindfully caring for the skin or feeling the embrace of fragrant hot bath waters, ritual leads to being present. When being present, life isn’t just something that’s passively observed, but experienced fully, allowing you to have a sense of purpose and the clarity of mind to achieve it.` Kennedy

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✔SPA EXPERIENCE AT HOME: Discover a unique bath experience inside each glass bottle. All three blends are made with detoxifying Dead Sea salt, which is enhanced with carefully-chosen essential oils and botanicals to relieve tension, lower stress, and replenish the body. Elevate your self-care routine or give the complete collection as a gift.

✔EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY: All LIVE BY BEING products are Vegan, Cruelty-free, handmade in Texas from all-natural GMO-free ingredients, certified organic when possible, and sourced sustainably in the USA.

✔RELAX: Relieve stress and soften skin as you soak into the sweet, mild spice of Still. The meditative, nourishing blend includes vibrant Himalayan pink salt, ylang ylang, and floral geranium oil.

✔ RESTORE MINERALS: The woodsy, warm Drift salt blend invites you to surrender to total relaxation. Dark Hiwa Kai Hawaiian black lava salt promote natural healing while atlas cedarwood and juniper berry gently relax muscles so you can unwind and release soreness with every breath.

✔ENERGIZE: The minty, cool salt blend combines cleansing French green clay with peppermint and cypress essential oils to pull out toxins while helping you to breathe deeply into the moment for an instant invigorating boost.

Get yours over here and enjoy this amazing product!

StarsAlignJewelry started because `I’ve always enjoyed shopping on Etsy but was having a hard time finding jewelry that I really loved and without a hefty shipping fee. So in 2018 I took matters into my own hands and opened an Etsy shop featuring high quality jewelry at an affordable price.

Since then I have expanded into home & beauty accessories as well. Initials and especially Old English style have been a huge trend this year in jewelry so why not incorporate it into a fun and temporary nail design! Nail decals are an easy way to completely customize your manicure. These come packaged in a cute origami style envelope making them a great stocking stuffer!`

I am so inspired by these incredible small businesses and I urge you to please go check out their shops!

Love Always, N

*Thank you to these INCREDIBLE brands for sponsoring this post. Happy Holidays and sending you all love.


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