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3 Organization Home Decor Tricks

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Home and front entry organization is crucial now that kids have been home for months now and many people are working from home.

Life is chaotic and busy, and houses are probably more full than usual. Mail piled up, along with home school papers in every room. What if you could combine home organization and home decor to get the desired result? It’s hard to stay on top of everything, especially if you are not particularly organised.

80% of what we keep, we never use and getting rid of clutter could eliminate 40% of housework in the average home!! (

Who doesn’t want less housework? It’s also estimated that the average American spends 55 minutes a day looking for stuff. YIKES!!!

So, how can we be better organised? Having home decor that is practical, and purposeful can be very helpful.

Here are 3 organizational home decor tricks that will save you time on housework and looking for stuff!

THE FRONT ENTRY WAY: Front entry ways tend to get very cluttered and filled with “stuff”. Jackets, sweaters, backpacks, maybe even strollers and bikes, depending on your set up. To clean it up a bit try this:

StragaFurniture – Entryway Mail Key Organizer

Hardwood Entryway Mail Key Organizer Modern Rustic Mail 23" walnut (4 hooks)

This will give everyone a space for their jacket/sweater and somewhere for you to put the mail and keys when you get in.

CatInTheBasket – White Kallax Box

White kallax box crochet basket square shelf organizer image 0

Adding something like this inside your closet if room permits can give your family a space for things like hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, etc. It gives somewhere for those things to belong.

OFFICE/DESK AREA : I struggle so much trying to keep my writing areas neat and tidy. So many papers, pens, and then my labtop, printer and more. Ay-yi-yi!

RusticGiftCompany – White Sling Leather Rack

Having something to organize the papers on your desk can keep you feeling very organized.

EwartWoods – Office Desk Accessory Adding something similar to this to organize your pens, paper clips, and all those small things will make it look less cluttered.

wood desk organize desk organize office desk accessory wooden image 0

The kitchen is typically a very busy space. There is so much that goes on! Cooking, baking, eating, and then all those cupboards with who knows what in them! Counters with coffee pots, kettles, toasters, and possibly a lot of clutter. I find my kitchen to be a very tricky area to keep tidy.

First thing, clean up what’s on your counter and get rid of whatever you don’t need there.

A cluttered counter makes the whole kitchen look/feel cluttered.

LogoBarProducts – Counter shelf/Coffee station

Counter Shelf  Coffee Station Shelf  Kitchen Counter Shelves image 0

An item like this can help you maximize space while still keeping your items neat and tidy.

Label things like sugar, flour,coffee, keeping things neat and tidy. Clean up your cupboards and downsize. Really do you need 17 large plates and 30 mugs?

Downsize and tidy up. You’d be surprised at how great it can feel?

Do you have any home organization tricks?

Love Always Enn

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72 Comments on “3 Organization Home Decor Tricks

  1. This is a really helpful post. My hallway can be super tidy and organised and then as soon as everyone has come home, its like a bomb has gone off. I love that office storage

  2. I love those tips. Organizing and keeping my house tidy is always my number one priority. If I don’t do it I get so anxious. Thanks for sharing those amazing tips.
    Darina from daramiblog

  3. Awesome organizational management tricks! I found the tip on de cluttering to reduce your housework particularly useful- it’s like duh, but without you pointing it out, we tend to completely ignore it ?.

  4. These are some great suggestions! As we’ve slowly been purchasing more coffee related items that I actually want to show off, we’ve been considering adding a ‘coffee nook’ corner to our kitchen. Not only would it organize our kitchen counters better than they currently are, it would add to the aesthetic a bit.

  5. I LOVE organising and seeing how other people organise their homes! That desk accessory is cool, great Post!

  6. My biggest struggle with keeping organized is getting the boyfriend and step son to follow the organizational systems I set up and put things in their place !

  7. De-cluttering is so cathartic and I’m always looking for new ways to be tidier. I love thinking about vertical space and how to use this better!

  8. Love this post! I’m always trying to find ways to be more organised especially ways to organise my bedroom.

  9. I feel like my stuff is organized, but I’d really like to have it all in nice containers or something. This gave me some ideas on what I can do to make it all look better. haha Thanks!

  10. Great post! I love reading and looking into new ways to get organized. There are some really good ideas here to decrease clutter. Thanks for sharing!

  11. These are great ideas! I especially love the Entryway Mail Key Organizer!! We seriously need that in my house. There is just too much mail hanging around with mo where to go. Thanks for sharing xxx

  12. Omg. These are so cute! I love organizing stuff. Okay I mainly love purchasing fun products that help me organize. Lol.
    Great post! Thanks for sharing

  13. I love the entryway organizer! It’s a good catch-all place for mail, keys, jackets, shoes, and more. I also love having bins everywhere for extra storage!

  14. I loved this

    I am obsessed with using boxes and baskets in my home to look nice and be a secret hiding place for so many things ?
    Thanks for sharing!

  15. Hello! Love this post and the desk organiser! I hate clutter too and must have a big clear out of all the drawers/ shelves and cupboards at least once a month. It’s amazing what we keep!

  16. I love this! it’s really useful in everyday life to know how to handle things better and home decor is one of the things I struggle with when it comes to changing things up and tidying so this was really helpful!

  17. I love these tips!

    Plus the cleaning tip about saving time minus the clutter is great, I’m going to have a good declutter over the summer.

    Thanks for sharing x

  18. I love de-cluttering, especially if it means I have fewer chores to do! Love that mail organiser, my hall is always a mess with all the random letters we get!

  19. Love this! I loved the tip to downsize and tidy up – I’ll have to remember that! Thanks for sharing! X

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