With it being Autumn, (holy WOW the year is flying by!) I find we’re spending more time inside, curled up on the couch. So naturally, I wanted to share with you how to create the best cozy night! The sun goes down by about 8:00pm and it’s night time much earlier than a month ago.

Autumn is my favourite time of year! Maybe you can tell by all my Autumn-inspired posts?

See? I love sharing all my Autumn love and ideas with you!

Today I’m sharing how to create the ultimate cozy night in!

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When creating a cozy vibe in my space I really look for textures. I love soft, fluffy, and plush textures. They add warmth, and aesthetics to an environment. I love the Autumn colours to use to add the coziness. Picture chocolate browns, rich burnt oranges and a light splash of ivory.

A cozy night on a white couch with throw cushions.

I’m all about chunky blankets.

Add some Autumn-inspired throw cushions to your seating space. This amplifies the cozy vibe immensely! Here are some of my favourites:

For a bit of a more romantic-cozy feel, add some dim lighting or candles. Some of my favourites are:

How to create a cozy night in with Fall Folliage

Fall foliage

One of my most favourite things about fall is the beautiful foliage that appears. Trees become stunningly beautiful and leaves turn colours and show us that change is beautiful. I love bringing that into my space. I use vases to display autumn flowers, leaves and pampas. I’ve linked some of my favourites!

An important part about a cozy night is the food! Get your favourite snacks to munch out on! Some of my favourites are chips, nachos, and chocolate!

How To Keep The Space Looking Cozy?

The million-dollar question! How to keep this beautiful space looking cozy and tidy? Here are a few tips you can try:

  • Before you decorate for the season, do a little de-clutter of the space and pack away the things that are not being used. This can help the space refrain from becoming overcrowded.
  • Don’t go colour crazy. Have a colour palette in mind and use that. Too much colour might cause chaos.
  • Swap any open storage spaces for closed, or find a way to close your current space. This can help to hide the “stuff” that isn’t really a part of the decor.
  • Do a quick tidy every day. This helps to ensure everything is in its right space and keep it looking beautiful and tidy.

Do you decorate for Autumn? What is your favourite way to make a space feel cozy?

Love Always, Enn




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  1. I used to decorate for fall, but I have no room to store the stuff the rest of the year so I decluttered my fall decor. However, I am thinking about adding in items like candles and maybe some leaf or fall coloured coasters. Thannks for sharing your ideas!

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