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10 Things I’m Doing Differently To Improve My Mental Health

Hi! Hello! Welcome to my little space in this huge digital world!!! Thank you for putting time and energy into my space. I see you, and I appreciate you. You’re amazing. In today’s post, I’m sharing ten things I’m doing differently to improve my mental health. But – here’s a peeksy at a past blog post that could use some love. . .

32 Lessons In 32 Years – A list of birthday lessons you need to read

  1. Always stay genuine to yourself. It’s you that you have to live with for your entire life. You need to know you can count on yourself and trust yourself.
  2. Store a spare $20 bill in your wallet. You never know what kind of situation you’ll find yourself in where $20 can help get you out.
  3. Love yourself. But truly. Take time every single day to look in the mirror and spend time being gentle and kind to yourself. Even on the days, you feel unworthy and lost. Always, always love yourself.

Now let’s dive into what I’m doing to improve my mental health.

I’m always looking for things I can do to improve my mental health. Life is hard, and adulting takes a shit ton of work. There is always something going on, a large bill that needs paying and kids getting sick. It’s a whirlwind. Up and down all the time. I love this post from one of my favorite blogs: How To Remove Toxicity From Your Mind and Body. It’s awesome, and that blog also has many other amazing wellness tips if you’re a wellness junkie like me. In fact, that’s the blog I learned about habit stacking from! (Yes, naturally, I wrote about that too which you can read here!)

So, what are the ten things I’m doing differently to improve my mental health? They involve understanding that only I am in charge of myself. Only I can control my feelings, emotions and only I can make decisions for myself. But, understanding also, that everyone is different. Everyone reacts differently. So these things have been helping me, but as always, talk to your doctor and do things that feel great for you.

  1. I’ve been making a huge effort to drink more water.
  2. Slowing down. Rather than rushing from thing to thing, I’ve been trying to be present and mindful.
  3. Do something that makes me laugh every day.
  4. Spending more time outside.
  5. I’ve been eating breakfast.
  6. Daily movement.
  7. Getting my finances more organized.
  8. Positive affirmations.
  9. Unfollow accounts that don’t make me feel good.
  10. Set up a shelf with some of my most special things on it so I can see them regularly.

With the seasons changing, I’m trying to be very aware and take care of my mental health as best as possible. Do you do any of these things to improve your mental health? What do you find is the best tool for taking care of your mental health? Share below!

Love Always, natasha

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