So, we know self-care is important, right?

We have all read it everywhere, and even just reading/saying the word, one can figure out that it is meaningful. What is often forgotten I find, is how hard it is to find the time, or energy to do it.

Of course taking care of yourself is crucial for living your best life, right? I`m sure everyone can figure that out. But, with all the daily obligations life brings, how do you find energy at the end of the day? Or even, during your day?

At the beginning it will not be easy I imagine. Starting something new rarely is. But, I challenge you to stay committed and focused on being the best you that you can be.

Remind yourself that you are worth the work. You are worth this new thing that has now been added into your day.

So, how do we add self-care into our already overbooked schedules?

Of course the obvious answer would be to not have overbooked schedules, but for many, this is nearly impossible.

So, I invite you to find little ways to practise self-care during your day. It can be in any way that is meaningful to you, your body and your mind.

Are you sitting there and wondering what the heck I am talking about?

I will give you some examples.

-take a few minutes longer to drink your morning coffee/tea

-write in a journal to clear your thoughts (even if it is just quick jot notes)

-take a short walk on your break (outside air is wonderful for you)

-practise a few minutes of meditation (this can really help to clear and calm your mind in the middle of your work day also)

-say no (maybe things are being thrown at you from all different directions, and you want to be a superhero and carry it all, but it is okay to say no, and not overwhelm yourself)

-try not to take your work home with you

-if you sit at a desk during the day, try to find a few moments to get up and stretch

Self-care does not need to be fancy, or picture perfect whatsoever. All it needs to be is something that feels good to you. It might be for your body, your mind, your soul, anything. Self-care is entirely about you.

At the beginning this may feel selfish to you, but I assure you it is not. It is important to take care of you. We need to slow down, and stop overlooking this CRUCIAL task.

Stay tuned to share your journey with me as I travel on mine!!

Love Always,



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