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The second Wednesday in May is known as International Receptionist Day.

A day that I think needs a lot more recognition! Receptionists are such a valuable part of an office. Not only are they usually the first face that a client/customer sees, they are the ones that sort of make the office go round for lack of a better word.

With all their responsibilities, receptionists have to do some intense multi-tasking, and often, along with keeping the workspace tidy, clean, and organized. Being the first person that people see, the receptionist is so important.

A friendly face, and kind tone of voice can often tell a potential client/customer whether or not they want to enter your establishment.

Receptionists are an incredibly important part of an office environment. Their key responsibilities vary from office to office, but typically:

  • answer phone calls, messages, emails, etc.
  • keeping the office tidy and organized
  • variety of administrative tasks
  • office support

Whether it’s emptying waste paper bins, or making fresh coffee in the lunchroom, receptionists are such an amazing piece of an office environment.

Some key qualities of an amazing receptionist are:

  • patient
  • friendly
  • ability to stay calm
  • excellent communicative skills
  • ability to multi-task
  • organized

Today, being International Receptionist Day, and other days, are all great days to show your receptionist, or one that you know, some appreciation and love!

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Today, and everyday, we need to show appreciation to the receptionists in our lives!

Love Always, Enn


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