Hi! Hello! Welcome to the Thoughts with N blog. I’m Natasha (of course, the N part in the Thoughts with N part.) I’m so happy you’re here!! I love writing and sharing my thoughts here. Thank you for stopping in here. Today we’re diving right into the subject of an internship abroad. I’ll be sharing reasons why you should consider an internship after college/university, where to possibly look for one, specifically International Internships Seoul,  and the benefits of participating in one.

internship abroad

What does it mean to participate in an internship abroad?

Before diving into the benefits of an internship abroad, let’s ensure we all know what that even means. While an internship is probably a term you’ve heard of before, perhaps the two together are a bit more complex. An internship abroad refers to a temporary form of employment for students by a company. The term can be anywhere from one month to one year or longer. Some internships are paid, while others aren’t. If you’re looking into participating in an internship, you’ve arrived at the right place. I will share some excellent benefits and how they can greatly impact your career.

Benefits of an internship abroad:

The benefits, and there are many, are huge and greatly impactful on a person’s life along with growing and strengthening their career. Interning on its own is great because you learn excellent skills while in the workforce. You get to experience the work culture and what that specific company is all about while you’re still a student and in learning mode.

  • Improve your language skills.
  • Build a global network and strengthen business relationships.
  • Earn academic credit.
  • Experience different work/business cultures.
  • Travel.
  • Build and strengthen career skills.
  • Strengthen communication skills.
  • Gain terrific employment references.
  • An internship abroad makes an application stand out.
  • Become more independent and self-sufficient.
  • Develop global awareness.
  • Strengthen cultural awareness and sensitivity.
  • Fun!

An internship abroad can change your entire life. It shows you an entirely different work culture and has you working with new people. You can expect to strengthen your communication skills and better understand and appreciate various cultures and languages. Many universities and colleges offer school credit for completing an internship abroad, which means less in-class study time to get all those hours. An internship abroad can also create some amazing employment references and start you building a global business network. This learning path will set you apart from others, whether applying to grad school or applying for your dream job. An internship gives you an opportunity to learn and develop important skills that you can only learn with on-the-job training. It will set you apart from others.

internship abroad

Is it the right step?

After college or university, participating in an overseas internship is the perfect next step. It helps you to still be emersed in learning career skills while building a strong network and experiencing a different culture. All of these things result in stronger career and communication skills. An internship overseas can change your life. It makes you different from all the other applicants and shows you have the drive, work ethic, and ambition. It shows that you are invested in your career and willing to put effort into becoming better and learning more.

The Takeaway:

I honestly think that completing an internship overseas might be the best thing you ever do for your career. There are a ginormous number of benefits ranging from career development to be a more culturally aware and sensitive person. It sets you up to be a strong leader, empathizes with your employees, and creates a good work culture. Because an internship abroad takes you to another country, you become accustomed to other ways of life and work. This helps you to become a more well-rounded person and someone who can lead with compassion and empathy.

Why should you try?

I mean, why not? The opportunity to grow and advance your career, along with making yourself different than others, is one you should take. The opportunity to become more culturally aware, relate to others, empathize better, and establish a work culture that employees love. An internship abroad has many amazing benefits that can change your life and career. The benefits are immeasurable and exceptionally important.

Have you ever, or would you ever, participate in an internship abroad? What do you think of the idea of it if you’ve never experienced one? Share below in the comment section!

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