I’m obsessed with Inventing Anna. 

Except, I mean legit obsessed. I started it the day before yesterday and I just can’t stop. I’m on season 1 episode 7 and I want to talk about it so badly! I mean, if you haven’t watched Inventing Anna yet, go now! It’s fucking incredible. If you have watched it, please please connect with me! I’m stuck on the couch thanks to sciatic nerve pain and am craving human connection.

How did this girl do what she did? How is it even possible? How is social media so damn powerful? The power of a like, of a follow, it’s unbelievable. It’s absolutely unbelievable.

5 Things I Love About Inventing Anna

  1. I love how secretive Anna is. I think it adds to the mystery of how the hell she managed to do all this anyway.
  2. It’s a Shondaland production. I’m a big Shondaland fan.
  3. The show really draws you in. You’re going to want to keep watching.
  4. I love the emphasis on the importance of credible journalism.
  5. I love Vivian Kent. Fighting for her career while pregnant expecting a little girl.

Have you watched Inventing Anna?

If not a super quick summary is basically this girl faked (or maybe didn’t fake, I don’t know, I’m just on episode 7!) being an heiress and having massive amounts of money. But, not only did she fake it, she legit lived it. Fancy hotels, impeccable clothing and everything classy.

While I’m watching this I can’t help but just shake my head. How is something to such magnitude even possible? At one point reporters find that she even stole a JET.

How do you steal a jet?!

Anyway, I’m obsessed. What are your thoughts? Have you watched it? Do you love Inventing Anna?

Love Always, Enn



4 thoughts on “Inventing Anna – A Binge-worthy Netflix Series

  1. Inventing Anna is quite the fascinating show. It explores a con artist’s psychology and her movitations to establish herself in New York City and among the city’s social, financial, and business elite. Thank you for sharing!

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