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The world has drastically changed in the last few weeks. Many things have been ripped away from us overnight that we maybe once took for granted.

So I wanted to share with you some awesome things you can do at home!

Do it yourself card making kit!

“With a Bead n’ Stitch ‘do-it-yourself’ card-making kit you receive all the materials and instruction to make a set of 4 beautifully unique greeting cards that incorporate embroidery, beading and papercraft techniques! We give you everything you need to learn this unique craft!” This wonderful kit can be found over here for only a price of $29.99!

Crochet yourself a beret!

This beautiful pattern will help you make yourself a wonderful beret! Check it out over here for a price of $2.97

Landscape do-it-yourself painting.

Spend time painting a gorgeous landscape painting. This kit can guide you though that for a small price of $12.99.

Build a miniature dollhouse.

“A sky blue colour scheme makes this quaint cottage perfect for reliving memories of being out in the wilderness. Forest Times’ country furnishings and compact size make it easy to display your passion for a cozy, secluded home.” You can pick up this gorgeous kit over here for $36.50.

Make your own soap.

“Boxed course including all the material, notes and everything you need to succeed in your project.
By doing this course you will get 16 soaps of about 65 grams each.
This is a fun Kit that will allow you to get your hands on and give you plenty of future application ideas.” You can pick up this lovely kit over here for only $88.00.

Weaving loom kit.

“Wool Couture’s Small Weaving Loom – a perfect gift for you or your friend.”

You can find this beautiful kit over here for $26.72.

Mosaic Coaster kit.

“This do it yourself mosaic drink coaster project includes ALL MATERIALS and SUPPLIES to make 4 drink coasters. You get EVERYTHING you need for this craft project! This art project requires zero glass cutting which makes it perfect for individuals or for a family activity for beginner mosaic artists and kids craft connoisseurs alike.” You can find this over here for $82.74.

Cookie Craft Kit.

“Edible art you can eat! Get creative with our paint your own cookie kits. Select from either a ‘paint your own’ or ‘colour me in kit’.” Get this kit for only $30.28 over here.

I know times are very tough right now. I hope you are finding enjoyable things to do at home and that you explore these options too. I’m sending you all so much love and positive vibes.

Love always, N


1 thought on “Enjoying Your Time At Home

  1. I plan on getting creative. I’m going to buy some canvases and just paint until I figure out what I’m doing! My partner wants to design a cat tree for our two fur children!

    I hope you’re keeping well! Look after yourself.

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