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Valentines Day is quickly approaching and with an estimated 1 billion Americans giving out Valentines, it can be assumed that A LOT of people are buying gifts!

Every year it`s estimated more than 36 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolates will be bought across the country, and typically, men spend twice as much on gifts as what women do.

Around 9 million people also buy Valentines gifts for their pets as well. (Read more fun Valentines facts over here.) Needless to say, Valentines, for some, is a HUGE deal.

I`ve explored fantastic ways to celebrate with children in a past post, so this time I`m going to share with you 5 AMAZING, and BEAUTIFUL gifts that I`ve come across!


Jewelery by Spektor is a family business. 

They put a lot of love into it and only the most positive energy.  The quality of their products is at a very high level. 

The work is done very painstakingly.  Each detail is worked out under a microscope to perfection until it is liked by the master himself.  All individual orders are made directly with a jeweler.  Information is transmitted to the first person and this helps to speed up the work process, as well as satisfy the needs of the client.

18% of all Valentines gifts are jewelry , and in 2019, it was estimated that 3.9 billion dollars would be spent on jewelry . So it`s safe to say, that jewelry is a huge part of Valentines Day for a lot of people. A newer trend is also that woman buy themselves jewelry for Valentines Day. Society is becoming full of powerful and amazing women, and women are finally celebrating themselves too.

Here are 5 pieces of jewelry you`ll be sure to be dazzled by!

Stop by this incredible jewelry shop and treat yourself or someone special to one of their amazing, high-quality pieces!

Do you give jewelry for Valentines Day?

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