Hi! Hello! Thank you for stopping by my little digital space today. Today’s post is the ultimate guide to kid-friendly online games. There are many benefits to enjoying some entertaining games, and what better time to do that than winter? It’s so cold outside, and your kids probably say they’re bored inside the house. This guide will shake all those feelings! 

Before I go too far into my guide here, I want to remind you to give peeksy to a few of my other recent posts!

I’ll be sharing the following in this guide:

  1. Internet Safety Rules For Kids
  2. The Ultimate Guide To Online Games
  3. Are online video games safe for children?
  4. Online Games You Need To Try!

I’ll also be talking about the following in this guide:

  • The names of several online games that are exciting and entertaining.
  • A few safety rules to pass down to your children.
  • A brief summary of each game is listed in my guide.
  • A link to visit and play the game!

Now that you know what I’m covering today let’s dive into it.

Internet Safety Rules For Kids

Before we get into these awesome online games, we must review a few internet safety rules. Make sure to remind your children never to share personal information online, don’t speak to strangers, to avoid clicking on unrecognizable links, and never make plans to meet someone online in real life. 

The Ultimate Guide To Online Games

Are online video games safe for children?

It depends on which ones, and it’s always recommended to supervise and check the website for any red flags. Though there are some dangers of the internet, there are many benefits to children playing games online. Video games can help children become better readers, improve problem-solving skills, enhance imaginative play, learn how to apply real-life concepts, inspire creativity and offer excellent teaching opportunities. 

5 Online Games You Need To Try!

Grocery Cashier

Grocery Cashier is like a virtual shopping game. What child doesn’t love playing at a cash register? This game is great for young children and challenges a child’s ability to practice addition and subtraction, as well as applying the payment and collecting change. The grocery cashier game can increase a child’s comfort with money, improve number recognition, and so much more. The game is beautiful and kid-friendly. Items move on a conveyor belt, and the child presses the price onto the cash register to calculate a total. The game is brightly colored and moves at a good speed.

Cash Back

Cash Back is a terrific game. It offers different game modes to either increase or decreases difficulty level and the option for hints to be on or off. Cash Back can help to strengthen reading skills and number recognition. The gist of the game is that a character wants to buy something, and the player needs to figure out how much cash back they’ll receive. The different game modes make it great for many age groups.

  Treehouse Trouble

This game offers a great tutorial. It features cute characters and animations that children will love. This game does require some clicking and dragging motions and reading skills to follow the instructions.

Loud House Germ Squirmish

I love how bright and cute this game is!

Construct A Bridge

 This game is a 10-level style game where players progress through, building a solid bridge that allows the car to drive across without the bridge breaking. In each level players have access to different materials and quantities.

We Want More!

Okay, I hear you. Five online games for your kids will not get you through the upcoming Christmas break. Lucky for you, I’ve compiled an even larger list of games to play below.

I’m obsessed with a game!

The Coffee Shop game had me hooked for a little while! On my first two attempts, I lost all my money! When I made it through until day 14, I made $219.40! I really enjoy playing this game, so I’ll definitely be back.

Do you have a favorite game you could add to this list? What type of games do you typically enjoy?

Drop it in the comments below.

Love Always, Natasha

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  1. Oooh a great list, didn’t knew they had online cash register games nowadays!!

    When I was younger (around 10) I was playing insaniquarium & diner dash 😅 or even a game of spot the differences, good old flash games on msn.com ahaha
    – pretty sure both are still a thing though! I have insaniquarium as an app

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