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Valentines Day is a month away! Whether or not you celebrate it, if you have children, you sort of have to acknowledge it right? The cards that you will have to buy, and maybe you even go one step further and make little treat bags filled with all things hearts, and maybe even one step further, and you make cupcakes with heart sprinkles!

Regardless of whether or not you do all the extras` it is likely that you do something. It`s said that 85% of parents buy gifts for their children for Valentines while only 58% buy a gift for their loved one. (More info over here ).

$38.85 is the average amount of money spent on miscellaneous items like candy for classmates, co-workers, etc. $29.87 is the average amount of money spent on family members. (More info here).

So with all these points being made, it`s safe to assume, in some way, shape or form, if you are a parent, you are going to be acknoledging Valentines Day in some way.

So while you are shopping around for all these goodies I think you should go look at PinkCoconutBling.


First off, she is a mommy as well. She has 2 daughters ( 12 & 14 ). Soraya has been doing jewellery for about 3 years now, but her Etsy shop is only 2 years old.  

She has a full time job and so keeping her shop up to date and creating jewellery is her hobby.  Soraya loves making custom jewellery. Customers come to her with a vision of what they are looking for and she brings it to life.

Soraya is always amazed of the positive reactions she gets when she shows them their creation. It makes her really happy. 

She makes bracelets for all members of the family. She also now has necklaces. And the first product Soraya started selling was Swarovski crystal rings. All rings are hand woven by herself with genuine Swarovski crystals. This is what started all this in the first place. 

She likes delicate jewellery and kids bracelets are one of her favourite products to craft. The more work it takes, the more fun it is for her. Especially the macramé ones. Soraya just sit on her sofa with all her materials around her and hot cup of coffee and relaxes making the macramé bracelets. 

Soraya is so incredibly talented and her jewellery is amazing. I think all of it is so beautiful but I really think that a child would LOVE her bracelets! Why not surprise your little one with one for Valentines Day this year?

Check out her Etsy Shop over here.

Do you buy your littles Valentines Day gifts? What are your thoughts on it?

Love Always, N

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8 thoughts on “A Perfect Valentines For Kids

  1. Such a lovely selection of jewellery

    We don’t do valentines as much in the UK but I think it’s lovely for kids to get involved x

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