Many people in Australia and around the world are scared of going to the dentist. This is a fact. The majority of these people still think that visiting the dentist is the same as it was 30 or 40 years ago.

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The truth of the matter is, the dental practice is no longer a house of pain and today’s dental techniques are far less painful and invasive than they were in previous years. With access to the latest technology, the dentists of today can make a dental appointment seem almost relaxing! Many of the aforementioned people who shy away from the dentist not only miss out on important treatment and deep cleaning but still have misconceptions about oral health in general.

Established and well-regarded dental practices should really hold no fear for people, even those who are scared of the dentist. For example, previous patients have lauded Robina Dental the best dentist on the Gold Coast as they not only specialise in treating nervous patients but can also provide helpful tips and advice regarding ongoing oral health, things you can do every day in order to keep your teeth and gums healthy. They can also correct some of the common misconceptions that many people have about oral health.

A Few Misconceptions Held By Many People Regarding Oral Health

Below you will see just a few examples of the misconceptions people have about their oral health, listed in no particular order.

  • I don’t need to visit a dentist because my teeth don’t hurt and they look okay. Not visiting the dentist because of a lack of pain is probably the most common misconception about oral health. Small holes in the teeth that could be easily and painlessly repaired in a matter of minutes can grow into larger holes that need root canal treatment. It can easily be avoided with regular dental checkups. 
  • All members of my family have good teeth, there’s no need for me to go for a checkup. This is another misconception that many people have. Even people who generally have good teeth need to see their dentist for regular checkups. Just because your mother, grandmother and great grandmother have never had any dental problems it doesn’t mean you’ll get away with it as well!
  • Too much brushing can damage my teeth. This is also false. Dentists recommend brushing at least twice a day or even more if possible. The real danger lies in brushing too hard or using the wrong kind of toothbrush. Your dentist will be able to provide both correct brushing instructions and toothbrush recommendations if required.
  • Stop brushing if gums are bleeding. Bleeding gums are usually caused by incorrect or overly hard brushing or a buildup of plaque and bacteria between teeth and gumline. This can also be an early sign of gum disease, so a dental checkup is absolutely essential. 
Image Source: Storyblocks

If you have any of the above misconceptions about oral health, all it takes is a dental checkup to put your misconceptions to bed. Your dentist will happily provide advice about all aspects of oral health, but you do need to make an appointment and get yourself to the dental practice first!

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