AD – I received two items from Lip Service Beauty as gifts. I’m so glad to have found this amazing brand and to be able to share them with you!

With the change in seasons, sometimes we need to change our skincare routine as well. Different weather conditions means different effects on our skin. An area that I think goes a bit forgotten is our lips. It’s important to ensure adequate hydration. Ensuring hydration is important for all skin care needs, but for lips it helps them to stay healthy rather than dry/cracked and/or chapped. According to Webmd, it is recommended that women drink about 2L of water per day.

Dry/chapped lips are often rough with peeling of the skin or even breaks in the surface.

This can be caused by many things such as sun exposure, excessive lip licking, dry/cold weather and lack of hydration. Ensuring that you’re getting enough water is a key component to avoiding chapped lips. So, go splurge and buy yourself a cute water bottle and start chugging it back!

Exfoliating your lips is the next MUST to have plump, juicy and healthy looking lips.

By doing this, you get rid of dead skin, reduce fine lines, and make your lips softer. Here are a few that I recommend from Lip Service Beauty:

This sugar scrub is a savior for your dry cracked lips. Made with organic golden sugar and Moyaa’s luxurious Shea Butter. Lip Service Beauty uses fair trade coffee in this one which acts as an extra exfoliant. This beautiful scrub is available for an affordable price of only $15.00! Check it out here.

This sugar scrub is a savior for your dry cracked lips. Made with organic golden sugar and Moyaa’s luxurious Shea Butter. Blended with vanilla bean, this one smells like dessert. Get it here for $15.00.

Lip Service Beauty is a female-owned brand that is dedicated to creating products with ingredients you can actually read and pronounce!

Stay proactive with the care of your lips to help prevent dryness and cracked/chapped lips. Moisturizing is very important to maintain soft and juicy looking lips.

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I’m so excited to have found this amazing brand and I highly encourage you to follow, shop and share!!!

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