`I decided to go for a bright red to highlight my mouth so that people knew my words were important.` – Cristela Alonzo

I am not an experienced beauty blogger, so please bear with me if this seems a bit amateur, because, well, it is.

I`ve been trying to expand my blog a little recently, and figured Blogtober was a perfect time to explore other topics and broaden my blog.

So today, I`m talking about my favourite Autumn lip colours!

I`m a very simple girl, and I usually don`t go for BOLD, although I wish I would.

It looks so great!

For all my life of wearing make up, I have always been all about eye-shadows and mascara. I really enjoy trying new colours of eye-shadows and blending colours to create new looks and effects.

I usually wear very plain colours, but sometimes I try to be a bit artsy and colourful.

I love make-up, I just don`t have a ton of time. (Which is totally an excuse, I know.) Truth is, I`m tired in the morning, and painting my face takes energy that I often don`t have.

I have been venturing down the Lip street though, and trying different colours and textures, and it`s been fun!

The first 3 the right are lip glosses. I have used them here and there, but I find them to be slightly sticky, (if that makes any sense), and I don`t like that part of it. I really like the colours though. They add a slight hint of colour to my lips, with a bit of shine. It`s nice for casual outings or even just for hydration.

The 3 on the left are lipsticks. The one in the middle of all the swatches is from Revlon, then the middle pink-ish one is from Elf, and then Maybelline, the Kate line.

The Revlon brownish, purple-ish one is very nice, but I find not very noticeable on my lips, and almost leaves a sparkle, which I don`t love. But, if I can`t find my other ones, this one is okay.

I love all things from Elf, and this lipstick does not disappoint either. I love the colour. It`s casual, but still noticeable. It is also NOT sticky! YAY! It leaves my lips much softer. I would recommend lipsticks from Elf. Or, anything really from Elf.

Maybelline is a brand I don`t often buy.

Sometimes it`s the cost, but sometimes it`s just not being able to find what I want or need. This lipstick I love. It is definitely much brighter than I have ever worn, but when I am feeling adventurous, this is my go-to. It gives me a little confidence boost. Sometimes stepping out of my comfort zone with make-up makes me feel beautiful.

In the future, I`d really love to try a colour that is brighter, and maybe a really dark purple.

What are your favourite lipstick/lip gloss colours/brands? Where should I buy from next?

Love Always, N


5 thoughts on “Let`s Talk Lips!

  1. Great post. I do not much makeup myself but I do like lipstick and taking care of my nails. I like baby lips by maybelline. Really good product.
    Amazing photos.

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